Brexit timeline not accepted to lawmakers, Bill passed

Huge development in Brexit talks and PM Boris and EU chief agreed and attending EU summit. EU chiefs previously said they needed a legal text by 12am. But talks will now continue today and development is expected within hours, as Boris Johnson briefs his Cabinet at 4pm.

Christmas Travel Bucket 2019

Christmas season is just at he door step and holiday makers and travelers have already booked places and flights to enjoy this year Christmas season at some special spots around Europe. You may need to know such places before its too late. Grab great discount and travel offers and demand is escalating every minute

Duke & Duchess of Camridge in Pakistan

Kate Middleton touches down in Pakistan in designer shalwar kameez alongside Prince William, amid heavy security, with Duke set to praise country as ‘key partner and friend’ on first UK royal visit there for 13 years 15 OCTOBER 2019 • 12:01 AM Places they will going to visit in Pakistan The Duchess of Cambridge arrived…

Hays Travel rescued Thomas Cook in calamity

Hays Travel one of the largest traveling company in the UK rescued sinking rival Thomas Cook known as oldest British travelling company could not deal with financial uncertainty and collapse weeks ago has been acquired by Hays Travel in pursuit to save job cuts and Britishers most loved travelling brand

London to deal with CC rampage for 2 weeks

London to deal with climate change riots right after Brexit scene got some breathe. Major bridges such as west minister and lambeth turned into play area, yoga, sleeping arena and food street.

Amazon Go making its way to.

Amazon Go technology, the cashier less customers experience is now hitting commercial areas, airports, shopping areas, cinemas and other parts. Amazon want to reduce its dependency fro online shopping and now spreading to other business verticals

US Retail, Forever 21 failed to survive in Europe & Asia

One of the Top Fashion Retailer Forever 21 is winding up operations from Europe and Asia. Planning to halt operations of approximately 350 stores globally. Established in 1978 in US in pursuit of offering economical women accessories against competitors such as H&M and Zara. From overall 800 it will decline to 450 outlets in USA….

Facebook limits post patent rights only to author

facebook has changed its policy and introduced post patent to author only unlike past where users could see the likes , comments and reactions. Now users could give its feedback but not on the basis of other people stats

Microsoft surpass in customer & Retail meetup with AI

Microsoft Dynamics 365 adding advance tech AI in retail industry to improve customer shopping experience and make it seamless. Connected store will help store insight Operations, supply chain and inventory and commerce will help customer behavior.

London, all flights cancelled due to pilots strike at Heathrow Airport

It has never happened in the history of Heathrow Airport that traveler could even get a square foot of the space empty however on Monday and Tuesday, Sep 9 & 10th flights from Heathrow has been canceled, Approximately quarter of million passengers will be hit by the strike of British Airways pilot amid pay concerns. 

Glasses can cost you a Most expensive beer: Ashes writer in Manchester Hotel

An Australian cricket writer has claimed to have been charged for “the most expensive beer in history” in the United Kingdom while working to cover this year’s Ashes series.
Peter Lalor, who writes for The Australian, yesterday said he had been charged $99,983.64 (£55,284) for a glass of Deuchars beer at the Malmaison Hotel in Manchester

House of Commons passed no-deal Brexit bill

“It is clear the only action is to go back to the people and give them the opportunity to decide what they want: Boris to go to Brussels and get a deal, or leave without one on 31 October or Jeremy Corbyn arriving in Brussels with his surrender bill begging for more delay, more dither…

World’s 15 richest cities will surprise you

Top 15 richest cities may surprise you in a few factors as you may be expecting Boston, Calgary, Perth, and Macau – all associated with material wealth – have failed to make this list of the 15 richest cities in the world, compiled by market research firm New World Wealth. Secondly, if you see the last city Paris with $860 billion is far ahead than the richest billionaire in the world Jeff Bezos CEO Amazon with just $150 billion net wealth

London to get new dialing code

Brits still spend more than 44 billion minutes making landline calls each year, 5th time in a row London to get new codes as Ofcom is short of providing numbers to offer. 

Texas Shooting claims 21 injuries and 5 dead including gunmen near Odessa

HOUSTON — Five people were killed and at least 21 others were injured in a brazen daylight drive-by mass shooting in the West Texas cities of Midland and Odessa on Saturday, as a gunman drove on the highways and streets opening fire on residents, motorists and shoppers, the authorities said. Shooter targets people in the…

Cristiano Ronaldo Quick facts

Cristiano Ronaldo All you need to know?  Do you have an idea of how many followers Christiano Ronaldo has and how many daily searches for Ronaldo?  Nearly 122 million fans soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo has and approximately half of the number searches daily about the facts and his achievements. So we decided to compile all…

Ben Stokes, the man behind the Test cricket: Ashes 2019

Ashes 2019: Ben stokes indeed the players who gave life to Test cricket when all other formates are just getting more interest, viewers, and business is being done much better in other formats than in Test Cricket. This player has just made impossible possible with his classic skill, mental vigilance, and vibrancy. When your other…

British Airways fined $230 under Data laws: EU courts

British Airways: July did not turn out to be a great month for British Airways as they have faced a record $230 million fine from EU courts after a website failure led the customer’s details leaked out and effected 0.5 million customers details. It would be the largest penalty yet under a tough privacy rule known…

NewZealand, youngest speaker to chair a session in Parliament

World’s youngest speaker to chair the Parliament. Can you guess how old he is? He is just one-month-old and NewZealand parliament allowed him to chaired the session which did never happen in the past in the world but New Zealand brings up such unicorn records and people on social media are really encouraging and appreciating…

President Trump called PM Khan & Modi urge to moderate Kashmir

US President Donald Trump called back to back his so-called best friends PM Khan and PM Modi and urge to moderate tensions in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. He urged as a statesman they have complete tendency and capability to the moderate situations. US President Donald Trump has in a phone conversation asked Pakistani…

Italy Prime Minister resigned

Italian Prime Minister Resigned Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte intentionally chose to quit before a confidence vote. Parties will now scramble to form a new majority or face elections. It is an extremely volatile situation in Italy Politics. Almost leaving the country to trash he announced his resignation Italy PM leaving the office with chaos in government and…

‘Greenland: Land Not for sale, still in White House consideration

Greenland, what’s your future plan? Your actual owner is not ready to lose you but buyers are really at the gate knocking door to get you with them. Yes President Trump is interested to buy the Greenland island and it’s under his consideration, White House officials revealed. More interestingly the island is under Greenland’s government…

Larry got in custody outside a subway station: NYC Updates

Officials were seeking for this man, the ‘individual’ who indicated a bomb scare among the public in New York on Friday when he left two rice cookers in a lower Manhattan subway station has now be apprehended by police, officials revealed Saturday. Larry Kenton Griffin II, 26, was apprehended by cops in the early hours…

Germany thinks GB exit without a deal is apt

German Government believes that it will be in the best interest of Great Britain if they leave the EU with no deal on 31st Oct. The impact of departure on the future relationship will be better and positive. Germany also believes that the UK will crash out without a deal. Although no-deal Brexit would lead to…

Hong Kong likely scenarios?

Global viewers are very much aware of the issues Honk Kong is dealing at the moment from their own public reaction. The demonstration has entered in 11th week and effected economy, transport, business, international relations with many partners countries they have to deal with in the trade. Situation analyst predicts negotiations may not soon get…

Zuckerberg latest confession spread concerns among users

The latest confession from Facebook has become the latest company to admit that human contractors listened to recordings of users without their knowledge, a practice the company now says has been “paused”. All the companies, including Facebook, said the data was stripped of any identifying information and was only used to improve their products, and not…

Uber officials never anticipated this quarter like this

It was never anticipated like it just happened in the second quarter, Its unacceptable, unexpected and astonishing for officials and stakeholders. This will lead management to revise the strategy and re-invent it which could at least bring something soothing and acceptable on investors and stakeholders’ desks. Despite the successful merger of Uber and Careem in…

Tech Giant coming up next

How to find your saved passwords in iphone which you could save and edit Apple users are extremely curious about the upcoming expected event most probably to happen on September 10th. Not only they are wondering about event launch dates but also quite conscious about the variants California-based tech giant firm planning to launch. On…

Murray rules out of the US Open with a revelation

Andy Murray rules out US Open singles return after losing to Richard Gasquet in comeback match What a show Murray has produced but at the same time he revealed what was never anticipated by his fans and followers. He is vigilant, proactive, vibrant and absolutely fresh when it comes to strength and fitness but that…

Most Beautiful Hottest Female Tennis Players of All Time

It was indeed one of the hardest task to execute explicitly when you have to choose few of the hottest and gorgeous ladies in the world of tennis among many. They have been ranked with a proportion of viewers feedback as well as we can’t ignore that factor. These beauties and stunning not only looks…

Best 5 apps successful Entrepreneurs and Startups preferred

Are you a startup or willing to be a entrepreneur in future? You have an idea in mind but has fear of failing? That’s not a problem because here is the solution. these 5 best apps most of the successful business entrepreneurs uses to get there business flourish. Just have a look

Is study really free for international students in Europe?

Study free in Europe is over flowing on internet. you search on google and you will be bombarded by dozens of links claiming and offering free study in Europe, It gives you an impression as if ever since universities established they are waiting for bright minds like you anyways we have tried our best to consolidate information at one place and highlighted every link what it has to offer to make students life easy. Check this out and give your feed back

Find a Job in Australia

Find a job in Australia is always a critical task. Finding a right head hunter or recruiter is the first most difficult step to achieve and it really escalates your chances to find desired jobs. We have gathered all major head hunters in this blog to make your life easy and you could apply from one stage with out wasting time and energy. Industry wise recruiters are listed

New York: Brooklyn Night Club shooting resulted 4 deaths

New York Saturday night in Brooklyn night club was metely unwanted and unfortunate when several were targeted among which 4 could not survive and died. Police took the charge of the place and started scrutiny about the incident. Updates to follow

Tech hacks

Find most useful and basic tech hacks can be sued at home with out hiring or calling any technical person for help. Save your time and dependency and be your own boss.

Germany, I am an EXPAT

Germany is an attractive destination for many tourists and international students but still prospects are misinformed about the facts and trends in Germany. This blog gives an opportunity for prospect students , business people and job seekers to read this and view links which will give you true information about Germany, universities, programs and system in Germany. All you need to know about Germany