Top Online shopping websites in Pakistan 2016

There are various online shopping websites which are progressing day by day in Pakistan quite successfully . There are various brands (Online shopping web) which enables consumers to save their time and fuel (Go green effect) simply ask you to select, order and pay instantly on website. People prefer card payment in malls but when it comes online they seems reluctant. However this is not something that stops the process of buying , perhaps their are various other modes of payments which allows consumers to buy online like cash on delivery and money gram. Globally about 90% payments people prefer making through cards. It would take some time when people would start believing in making payments directly through cards. Here are some famous online shopping websites which are listed down. These websites are dealing in numerous products.








  6. has no doubt emerged as one of the leading online shopping mart for consumers. It focuses on garments mainly but have variety of other products in display. It is certainly fetching consumers eyes and attention for many reasons. User friendly , trust worthy and leads in customer satisfaction.

                              Interface 9/10      Consumer feedback  9.5/10    Rating 9/10 It is  one of the leading online shopping website for its tech consumers with attractive interface and huge customer fall. It mainly deals in tech products/gadgets of all kind and also have an imminent portion of garments. Imerging brand and capturing minds gradually. User friendly , reasonable customer satisfaction

Interface 8/10      Consumer feedback  8.5/10    Rating 8/10  It is an online shopping website for tech users with reasonable variety of products. It offers consumers to select latest tech products at cheap prices and clearance stock rates. Good enough interface and reasonable customer satisfaction.

Interface 7.5/10    Consumer feedback 7/10       Rating 8/10 It is an attractive website for e tech consumer to save time and shop whatever they want to. Has main focus on tech products and also covers garments. Not only this it also gives you an option to buy online cards. It offers you a huge variety of tech products at discounted rates. Good interface and claims high customer satisfaction.

Interface 8.5/10    Consumer feedback 8/10      Rating 8.5/10 previously known as has emerged as a dominating brand after they did revise their identity. It has a good interface which manages to attract people to shop with. It displays huge variety of tech and other consumer goods. User friendly , claims top rank in customer satisfaction and focus on after sale services.

Interface 8/10      Consumer feedback 9/10      Rating 9/10 This website has its main focus on ladies garments. It also offers huge variety of tech products. It takes a while to get on it but has an attractive interface for consumers to shop on. You will find a immense variety of female lawns. Limited products with huge variety.Good interface

Interface 7.5/10  Consumer feedback 7/10     Rating 7.5/10 One of the emerging online shopping website primarily focus on mobile phones. If you are interested in buying variety of tech products then this not may be the right place for you. It offers huge variety of phones with attractive prices. User friendly , few categories with huge variety.

Interface 7.5/10      Consumer feedback 7/10   Rating 7/10 This online website has a huge range of tech products which some time confuses consumer unless your are selective in choice. Has got a good interface and attractive prices which fetch consumers to buy its products. Mainly focus on mobiles and related tech products. User friendly.

Interface 7/10       Consumer feedback 6.5/10   Rating 6.5/10


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