Gourmet is launching some thing unusual .. Guess what?

Nearly 3 decades ago in 1987, connive of delivering fresh, hygienic and healthy food motivated a family to establish small shop of baking and confectionery in one of the busiest location of Lahore named as Ichra. With assertive approach, utter mission and emphatic intention to serve consumers, they manage to sell products at affordable price … Continue reading Gourmet is launching some thing unusual .. Guess what?


Euro 2016 .. Underdogs overshadow

It was a tournament oppressed with fear. Terrorist apprehensions overshadowed the build-up and the ongoing reality of hooliganism kept much of the focus off the field in the first week. But even on it there had long been criticisms over the format with issues of quantity and quality much discussed. Change of Rule However, a … Continue reading Euro 2016 .. Underdogs overshadow

EDHI, AN ABSTINENT, (Humanity prevailed)

  Abdul Sattar Edhi was a prominent Pakistani ascetic, humanitarian, philanthropist, social activist and a saint. He was born in Bantva Gujrat in British India on January 1st, 1928. His mother was paralyzed when he was 11 and died when he was 19, that shock gave him a huge lesson and able to serve the … Continue reading EDHI, AN ABSTINENT, (Humanity prevailed)