Hafeez (Professor) and India’s major contribution in lifting Pakistan on top in the Test ranking..

Pakistan had to wait a week following victory over England at The Oval to have their rise to the No. 1 Test ranking confirmed .Where world is praising the victorious moments of green team, one should know what’s the foremost obsession in it. Remember they have not played a test at home in past six years for security reasons and still managed to replace their all time rivals from top to gain that position.

How India become the reason and got replaced by Pakistan? That’s something interesting to know. Pakistan drew the Test series mean while Indians had to face West Indies which got abandoned due to rain and enabled all time rivals to swap the top position on Rank table instantly.

Pakistan dethrone India from No 1 Test spot just for a month, can’t claim this position for long time” because

India is taking over New Zealand on 22nd September ’16 where even 1-0 victory in the series will be enough for the hosts to re-conquer the summit.

Whereas not a long wait for Pakistan, as they will be starting the series with same opposition in November but again Aussie’s will make a difference here as they will be taking on South Africans mean while. So all together it would be a hard battle on the table point explicitly in September to November.

Let’s have a look on individual performances; Misbah-ul-Haq has been rightly hailed for his leadership in Tests, certainly remained exceptional not only in this series but overall in past 5 years. He led the team like a conquerors and managed to boast confidence in all time shattered and scattered team in various scandals. He shut many critics’ jaws by his stunning knock. He conflicted many ex veteran’s negative expressions about him and replied them in the optimum way. Another reliable gentle man who was once heard of opting different profession because of not been in selectors lime light (Younis Khan) stunned opponents by his brilliant knock and through his team towards glory.

Let’s not forget Muhammad Hafeez who amazingly took feather of leading this team in other two formats, had certainly played integral role in first three tests and enabled team to draw the series by winning the fourth one without him and claim the top position. He tried to fool people by his silly declaration that he will show the class if given a chance in last test. But on a positive note, he made youngsters psychologically, mentally and physically prepare how to take on to opponents if veterans stays out of form.

Professor, stunned new comers and made them learnt how to stay in team and get highest paid with worst possible performance”

Remaining all players remained as expected and few immanent performances are adorable. Pakistan’s ODI captain played his part in the Test side’s success, spanking the six that effectively took them to No. 1 (once the elements had nixed India’s chances of a 3-0 win in the Caribbean) and he is hopeful that some of the positivity engendered by the first leg of the tour will bleed through into the rest.

It is a massive boost and a proud moment for Pakistan cricket and the whole nation is very happy about it, as players the team is really happy about it. It’s definitely a good thing for us, our one-day ranking is not great right now but we will take the opportunity the way the team is performing, hopefully we can convert it into ODIs as well


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