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Studying abroad is believe as a lucrative decision often made by students. By investing the substantial amount of money one expect the considerable return on investment. By opting the opportunity to study abroad student takes in the allure and trends of new society. You get to see world different culture, their mode of study, meet numerous ethnic people with diverse religion believes and ultimately it made you think broadly and helps you in your personal development.

Well, there are copious benefits and distant fascinations which make student convince to make their way without doing intensive research. Often education consultants display broad banners of attractive landscapes in their offices to fetch as many people as possible. Usually, what happen, students approach them, they inquire your desired program, university, country and financial status. Once you fill that form they scrutiny that and shortlist few options. Usually for compiling and streamline your documents they charge you and you consciously pay them.

Well, there are various aspects that comes under consideration while brainstorming options such as how much costly it would be? Which place should one go for? What university and program one should opt or the most relevant program? One of the most noteworthy aspect students usually skip is whether they want to come back or not? (Mind it, it has nothing to do with your patriotic feelings).

Usually students remain in rush and they just get convinced to pay any sum of amount in exchange of consultancy they get from agents in market. Though they have no idea that there are consultants who don’t charge even a penny as matter of fact they get paid from universities.


Choosing a country is somehow becoming complicated as there are numerous people around you to misguide you. Two major things which are linked with this choice is how much money you have in your pocket and what’s your plan after competing studies? Generally, the majority of students wants to earn money afterward which are quite brazen. Those students who are planning to stay afterward for some years should always consider either Australia, Canada or New Zealand. Although they are expensive but considered as the wise decision. They offer you Post study work permit (PSW) for those who don’t know, this Post study work permit is of 2 years which allows you to work legally, full time and at the end, you can apply for either extension or for their permanent residence. Certainly, their visa process time takes 3 to 4 months (only where you need to be patient).

Scandinavian countries are also good options but still little risky in regard to extension and work permits afterward. But again there are few countries which offer free education or you just need to pay the nominal amount to bear your accommodation and food. Their process time varies from 2 to 3 months.

Asian countries like Malaysia, China, Singapore are offering students such options to avail but they are no more fascination for a majority of students to stay after studies as they are similar or slightly different economically than us. Most of the students prefer moving to developed nations where they could earn some money and feed their families, which is possible only in developed countries.

The United Kingdom is one of the most appealing places for students to go for studies. You may not know it has a shortest visa process time which is 15 days, which mean if you have your few documents in your hand, if you have bank statement of no less than 2.5 m (25 lac) it just a matter of 30 to 45 days to be there as most of the universities have their intakes round the year. But this is only suitable for students who are either not interested in earning money afterward or don’t want to stay there. There is no Post study work permit which forces you to leave a country. Normally agents for the sake of their business does not tell you the real picture. So mind it.


There are official university agents who don’t charge you a penny for your case as they get paid from universities. So don’t fool yourself by paying them and believing as they are favoring you and you are not capable of that.

Web Portal:

There are various websites, you can subscribe them and stay in touch with all scholarships. Few we are going to list down:



Documents you need for your process are as follows:

  • Undergrad degree + Transcript
  • Personal Statement
  • Passport
  • Recommendation letters x 2
  • Bank Statement
  • CAS (Certificate for acceptance of study) from University
  • Cover Letter


Why this article is useful for students:

             Basic aim of this blog is to make students realize that once you plan to study abroad be streamline your priorities and limitations. Decide your program, country and plan of staying there or coming back. You should know your finance figure, visa process time, general knowledge about post study permit. These are such questions which you will surely be asked and you should have a clear stance on it. Beside that again it is to remind you don’t waste your money on agents charging you when you have an option of getting it done in free. All you are required is to search and approach them.


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