Do you know How brands makes you fool?

Most of the people keep their eyes on brands sale season announcement. People have no idea how these brands connive their marketing strategy for their customers. This blog will go to reveal some facts related to pricing, marketing strategy, end season sale, and finally left over ultimate destiny.

We usually see in the start of each season whether its summer or winter that stock is in a market now and usually that is the time people rush in and end up shopping fresh arrival at retail price. Normally you will be assumed crazy or insane if you ask staff about a sale on fresh arrival. Whereas the secret behind saving money is simple that how many patients you are. Normally fresh does not remain new after few weeks and item have to move on to different rack afterward. What happens is the fresh stuff after few weeks tagged as either 20% or 30% off, as retailers want to get rid of the stuff before the season gets over or half of it gets over.

Nobody wants to hold inventory of irrelevant season, same product after 8 weeks or 12 goes on 50% off which usually believes to be at end of the season whether it’s winter or summer and remains on the track to have its final auction. Beside end season, brands usually put discounts on the item near about Eid festival. This summer 2016 most of the brands wanted to get rid of their summer stock before Eid ul Gaza so they did put all on sale up to 30% or 40%. Inventory which still left behind can’t be prevailed for next season anyway.

Now a days if you roam around you will see the exactly same situation where every next brand like Outfitter, stone age, Levis its subsidiaries, Charcoal, Hub and much more are in full mode of screaming ‘ end season sale flat 50%  on entire stock’. Even to get rid of stuff they go crazy and tag item on sale at 70% just to get rid of it. Do you know what their next destination is? The majority of the brands have their factory outlet in Cream block Lahore and Karachi. It does not mean they don’t have factory outlet elsewhere but this is the market where you will find all at walking distance.  Factory outlet is the place where round the year you will get everything on flat 50% off whether its summer item or winter. The only problem you may encounter is the specific size you look for.

Inventory remains in factory outlet on flat 50% round the year

The secret behind this whole scene is these brands never sell their items on zero profit in any case. They just make you fool.They will attract you by their fascinating marketing tactics which force you to believe that product is running out of stock, get hold of it as soon as possible but actually they just play with you psychologically. Inventory never gets out of stock except for ladies brands (as you know).

The bottom line doesn’t get crazy for fresh arrival as at the end of the season it has to go on half price within your limit so why not to save money. Go and check out factory outlet round the year you may get a suitable item at half price. Always shop at end season time once you do it you will realize how cost saving it is. You may end up 3 items in the same price which is the huge relief.

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