CAUTION: Students willing to speak from home.. Now hiring !!

Are you willing to work for people abroad?  Can you communicate with customers based in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom or USA?  You want to avoid daily commutation. Fed up of going office? Can’t work under manager? Are you good in sales? Are you confident, vigilant & vibrant?  Do you have personal computer and internet at your home? Are you good in sales and marketing?



We are launching exclusive new online project of sales and marketing, interested students who are willing to prove their selling skills on phone can be a part of this project. Product knowledge will be given to you through email and training on Skype. Any time, your place, your computer and internet, your comfort, your effort and unlimited reward. You will be paid substantial commission and moreover NO UPFRONT OR SECURITY. You will be paid for it.


Project details

It’s an online sales and marketing voice project, you have to call customers (leads provided) pitch them your product and sell them off. It’s up to you what time you want to work. Complete product knowledge will be given and training. Your interest will be valued. No registration cost.

All you need to do is share your email in comments, email your resume on

We will get back to you once you will be shortlisted

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