London Eye fireworks. NewYear night 2017 (free tickets)

NewYear is just a few weeks short now and people are planning to get to London to be a part of incredible NewYear night fireworks show which happens every year. If you forgot to buy the ticket and still want to be a part of it here is how you can attend it. Find out here.

London is also famous for its extremely breathtaking new year’s eve celebration which takes place at London Eye every year. People usually come from all over Europe to witness it and believes it a lifetime event. Due to event high attendance every year from the last year they gave started charging people nominal amount as in entry ticket, its price is not much but usually, they start selling it in the middle of August and most of the viewers remain unaware of the fact usually misses that event. New year fireworks in London is believed to be one of the best fireworks in the world.

What if you miss out the ticket and still get the best location to witness best fireworks of new-year?  There is a way you can be a part of heat throbbing event and engrave everlasting memory. Usually, on such a big event they always get short of security and ask people to guard event and make it memorable for viewers. How can you get in? Just before the general public entry which usually starts at 6 pm, you can go to the entry gates and tell guards that you want to go in as on behalf of ‘manpower security’, they probably won’t ask you anything except your physical appearance which needs to be reasonable. You need to be in black trouser which is mandatory and shoes. Once you get in you will witness various squads and you can ask any supervisor to give you a jacket and deploy you wherever they need persons. As simple as it is. Just in case they don’t need more person you don’t have to force them to deploy you. As you are in, you can stay there for a while till general entry opens and afterward, nobody would ask you anything. You can enjoy a show and engrave memories.

Recommended things you should take along are Warm clothing, small bag, portable power bank, cams, food, and drinks. You will have to wait for hours to witness 15 minutes show so you need to be mentally ready to wait for straight 5 hours and it always good to acquire bench at first.

2016 fireworks were extremely mind blowing and heart throbbing and this year hopefully they would be better than before. Hope you enjoy New year eve fireworks 2017 and hope the coming year brings endless and unexpected joy to you.


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