10 habits that will help you to be a better person in 2017


If you want to see some change in coming year in your personality then you should focus on the points mentioned below. These are 10 things that are most recommended for those who tends to improve themselves and want to be the better person than before in coming year. If you manage to opt them gradually you will surely be a different person in next few months. Every person you meet in life is different in nature and personality.

  • Stay calm, don’t need to be aggressive all time
  • Be the observer, don’t try to be boss every time.
  • Give other chance to express their view
  • Try to be specific and meaningful. It will save your time
  • Always appreciate others for small things
  • Don’t snub others badly
  • Criticize other but don’t make them feel offended
  • Always do what you expect from others
  • Keep trying it builds confidence
  • Smile and Greet strangers

You are not expected to be perfect by opting these habits but you can be better than before if you manage to focus on the following.




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