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How Daewoo deceiving customers to avoid drowning their Gold and Premium class?

Daewoo is doing great business for more than a decade in Pakistan. Significantly expanded our more than 50 stops at different locations with quality and reliable service what they have committed to their vision. They have primarily targeted middle and higher middle class of the society for their business. They have dedicated stopovers on motorway and efficient fleet as well.

But unfortunately, all is not well inside. They introduced Gold and premium service at higher rates and quality. Normally when you make booking on phone for regular bus they accept it and make it booked what happens is they send you a text an hour before to inform you that specific bus on which you were supposed to board has been delayed half hour and as you reach the terminal they tell you that regular bus is totally booked so you can opt either premium or Gold at the same time. How come that regular can be booked when you make the booking on your name?

Here is the secret behind, they lie with customers and shift them to the higher class which ultimately helps them balancing the customers in Premium and Gold class.   and people are not much familiar with the tactics Daewoo is using to balance their customers.

It’s important to raise your voice if you know what’s wrong happening across the table with you or you will be fooled as always.





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