Pakistan beating up rivals India concieved the title of last champions trophy in Cricket history

Pakistan convincingly claimed the champions trophy title 2017 as it was the last Champions Trophy tournament of one-day international (50 over) in the cricket world. That means no more champions trophy in 50 over format onwards it will be in 20 overs.

The unpredictable with no first class cricket structure of no CRICKET at home in past decade with the rank of 8th in ICC Ranking, with 7 new players playing in ICC event for the first time. Yes, they have made it and gave the best gift to their nation on Fathers day and Eid gift too.

Arch-rivals facing off in world tournament finals is rare in cricket. India and Pakistan, the 2017 Champions Trophy finalists, have played each other in only two big finals – the 2007 World T20 and the World Championship of Cricket in 1985. Australia has faced rivals England in two global tournament finals over the years. Ahead of Sunday’s India-Pakistan clash, we look at other rivals facing off in major tournament finals across sports.



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