What Musk has set in space?

SpaceX is known for making high-end technologies and products varying from satellites to solar panels. He has strong intentions to make the internet as fast as we can’t even imagine

Elon Musk’s said in a tweet, “ SpaceX team reviewed all systems again late last night. Done our best to ensure all is good”

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has just launched a broadband satellite for IntelSat. SpaceX launched this satellite from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The company at first was planning to launch the satellite on July 2 but the launch was halted before the rocket lifts off to space due to some problem. According to the company, there was no major issue, just the computer which is placed to screen the launch of the rocket for any inconvenience, scrubbed the launch. But the company managed to launch the satellite into the sky, after negating the problem.


The Satellite is known as IntelSat 35e, which launched through Falcon 9 rocket into geostationary orbit. With the satellite in place now, areas varying from Caribbean, Europe, and Africa will now receive high and better wireless connectivity.

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The company is planning to launch super-fast internet satellites into space by 2019. If the SpaceX become successful in this venture, then people living on earth will be able to enjoy the super fast internet.

Additionally, the company is also working on another interesting project. This projects aim to make a trip to Mars cheaper than a college degree. The company has even published a paper with the details of the plan to reduce the costs of going to Mar.


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