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15 appalling facts you may need to know

China, well known for its interesting culture, the Great Wall of China, eating with chopsticks, martial arts, and very weird characters for letters that only the Chinese and a handful other people can read. So, what more does this fascinating country have in store for us?

1: Reincarnation

Reincarnation in China’s state administration for religious affairs issued a statement banning reincarnation law stipulates procedures by which to battle Buddhist monks can reincarnate.

2: Death Penalty

According to a data from Amnesty, International China performs thousands of executions.In fact, they execute people more than the rest of the world combined.

3: Gender Imbalance

China has a serious gender Imbalance according to a birth ratio it says that there are 120 boys for 100 girls. In some parts of a country boy to girl birth ratio is 150 to 100.

4: Birth Defects

A report says that 900,000 Chinese children are born with congenital anomalies every year across the country 30 million families have experienced the birth of children with defects.

5: Pollution

A team of researchers found that pollutants from China beat their way to parts of the US. In particular, these researchers found that a number of Asian pollutants in air samples collected in the San Francisco Bay area stood at 29 percent.

6: Animal Testing

China requires testing of imported cosmetic products on animals such as rabbits, mice, guinea pig and rats to ascertain their safety. However, it is not mandatory for locally produced cosmetics undergo animal testing.

7: Word Censorship

China is renowned for being some of the most restrictive media censorship laws. In April 20/13 the state administration of radio, film and television SARFT announced a list of regulations to use of censored words including word censorship itself.

8: Dying Pets

Pets owners in China now dye their pets to look like wild animals such as tigers and pandas.

9: Eating Cats

Chinese eat after 4 million cats every year. Nevertheless, animal rights activists across the country regularly hold protest to condemn such traditions.

10: Messenger Pigeons

During the last quarter of 20/10, the people’s liberation army begun training 10 thousand pigeons to supplement to country’s conventional communication infrastructure in the event of war.

11: Leftover women

Unmarried Chinese women 27 years or older are called leftover women even by China there are a state-run media nevertheless some women are a rebellion against the expectation to get married by opting to remain unmarried.

12: Chopsticks

The cost of 4 million trees is cut down annually to manufacture billions of disposal chopsticks.

13: China’s effect on California weather

Pollution from Asian countries like China could be responsible for the increasingly terrible winters experienced in the US.

14: Nail in Collar

A nail is dangerously hanging in their collars so that Chinese soldiers don’t sleep while on work.

15: Dog Meat Festival

Every year about 10 thousand dogs are slaughtered for consumption during the Dog Meat Festival held in Yulin, Guangxi, China.


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  1. According to a data from Amnesty, International China performs thousands of executions.In fact, they execute people more than the rest of the world combined.


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