What does it look like? Musk reveals plan

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Elon Musk’s strive of world-changing ideas can sometimes sound like science fiction or the stuff of dreams, one of the most recent being his plan to tunnel beneath cities and create ultrafast networks for cars to zip across town. Although the pilot test is just under trial in one of the cities in the USA called LA. It is too early to say how quick it will going to spread in rest of the America and then to the world.

Whatever he is doing, he is doing for the sake of the planet. He wants to enhance the life  of the planet as much as he could. His efforts do not limit to GO Green mission but in some of his business ideas, it reflects as if he wants to bye-bye this planet. I mean making the journey possible to Mars, what else could it mean?

After revealing his idea half a year ago, he set up the Boring Company to get to work in Los Angeles. And over the weekend, Musk shared a photo of the firm’s initial progress (above): a 500-ft long tunnel, complete with a track for vehicles, and finished surfaces.

This is just the beginning: Musk noted that the tunnel will eventually reach a length of two miles in three to four months; the goal is to build a tunnel that stretches “the whole 405 N-S corridors from LAX to the 101” in about a year.

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According to Electric, that means that the Boring Company would have to cover a few more miles west to reach the 405 interstate and the Los Angeles international airport, and then at least a dozen more miles to reach the 101 highway.

If it’s successful, the company will have a huge win on its hands, as it’s never easy securing the necessary permits and clearing regulations to build such infrastructure anywhere in the world as a private firm. But even after that, it’ll have to prove that it can safely send cars and people-pods hurtling through these tunnels at 240 kmph (150mph) to beat traffic. And with that, Musk’s new baby is quickly becoming his most interesting business to watch.


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