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Sydney and Auckland kick off the New Year celebrations

Let the party start! Sydney and Auckland kick off the New Year celebrations with stunning firework displays as the world rings in 2018

Millions of people around the world are celebrating the start of the new year with elaborate fireworks displays.

Auckland, in New Zealand, was the first major world city to kick off the party followed by Sydney where 1million people were thought to have watched the display over the city’s harbor. 

A rainbow waterfall plunged off the Harbour Bridge to celebrate recently passed legislation legalizing gay marriage in Australia.

In London, around 250,000 people are due on the streets amid tight security.

AS the rest of Australia rolled out it’s New Year’s Eve celebrations thousands were being evacuated from a beach on the NSW Central Coast after a fireworks barge caught on fire during NYE celebrations.

The barge caught fire during the 9pm fireworks at Terrigal.

Two people were rescued by emergency services from the barge. Any injuries are currently unknown.

Witnesses took to Twitter to describe scenes of chaos as the barge sank

New Year's Eve midnight fireworks over Sydney Harbour. Picture: Jonathan Ng


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