Coming up next in 2018. Samsung heads off

According to industry sources acknowledging Korean publication, ET News, Samsung is planning to start manufacturing its first foldable phone in somewhere near November 2018. However, the report also affirms the phone will be launched somewhere near December and will go on sale in particular regions in later months.

According to an industry expert in Korea,

“The foldable phone is targeting ‘super premium’, both in terms of performance and price, which goes beyond the existing premium smartphone, and aims to provide the performance, design, and usability that is right for the product,”

Another interesting point in this report has uncovered plans of Samsung which might show this new technology to some close people in the industry in September.

Interestingly, the report also indicates that the phone is launching with 7-inch OLED screen. The phone will fold inwards and you will be able to open it in a similar way you open a book. It will appear like a phone and when you will unfold it, will appear like a tablet. Samsung Display will be working on making these complex screens. The production of the foldable OLED displays will start in March this year.


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