Fly and stay in Dubai for free, Here is how?

Dubai is hub of brands and every year host a 3 day super sale event which include 500 brands that displays annual sale of up to 90 % discount on all major products in Retail. Customers from all around avails this huge bargain sale . Lets have a look how you can make the most from it?


Hospitality Inn is taken over by Four Points

Hospitality Inn branches has been taken up by four star sheraton subsidiary of Marriott Hotel. The acquisition is a part of global strategic transformation and expansion strategy of Marriott world wide.

Amazon Go making its way to.

Amazon Go technology, the cashier less customers experience is now hitting commercial areas, airports, shopping areas, cinemas and other parts. Amazon want to reduce its dependency fro online shopping and now spreading to other business verticals

US Retail, Forever 21 could not survive in Europe and Asia

One of the Top Fashion Retailer Forever 21 is winding up operations from Europe and Asia. Planning to halt operations of approximately 350 stores globally. Established in 1978 in US in pursuit of offering economical women accessories against competitors such as H&M and Zara. From overall 800 it will decline to 450 outlets in USA.

Mystery Shopping

Applicants Required We are looking for people aged 18 – 45 interested in joining our project for Mystery Shopping. Brands included in the project are from Retail industry, Food industry, Restaurants, and Hospitality industry. All those people interested in taking part in our coming project starting from July till September may fill the form given…

Strategic Partnership between two giants to improve Digital retail in China

  On June 7, Walmart China and Tencent jointly an in-depth strategic partnership in future digital retail. It is reported that they will cooperate in the areas of shopping experience optimization, payment innovation, marketing, membership system and collaborations with WeChat Work. As for payment innovations, they will continue to optimize the mini-program “Walmart Scan and…

No commercial flight stays in air for that long:

There aren’t many commercial flights that stay in the air for this long, but if you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to actually experience such a trip, now you can find out. Just pull up a comfy chair, grab a few snacks, and settle in for the virtual journey of a lifetime.  …

If TRUMP would be some store, it would be H&M

According to the Daily Mail, bystanders and shoppers ran from the outlet as the protestors gathered, with some wearing red t-shirts. In videos posted on social media, some are seen pulling down racks and wearing clothes from their shelves and throwing them on the ground. ” If TRUMP would be some store, it would be H&M…