Highly recommended things for Interview

Interview questions and tips you have to keep in mind. Applicants usually not bothered about these factors and attend interview unprepared. We strongly recommend you to have a look on these interview tips so that you should not miss any part and make the best use of opportunity you have been given.

Best 5 apps successful Entrepreneurs and Startups preferred

Are you a startup or willing to be a entrepreneur in future? You have an idea in mind but has fear of failing? That’s not a problem because here is the solution. these 5 best apps most of the successful business entrepreneurs uses to get there business flourish. Just have a look

Find a Job in Australia

Find a job in Australia is always a critical task. Finding a right head hunter or recruiter is the first most difficult step to achieve and it really escalates your chances to find desired jobs. We have gathered all major head hunters in this blog to make your life easy and you could apply from one stage with out wasting time and energy. Industry wise recruiters are listed

Top Recruiters in the UK

Find management jobs in the uk , bank jobs , how to apply for jobs in uk, apply for jobs , bank jobs , hotels jobs customer care and customer services jobs, markeitng and sales jobs. how to create resume for jobs?

Call for Nurses in the UK: Schedule Interview now

Are you an international nurse seeking placement in the UK? Start your journey with IANS! We are very proud to have been appointed by Care Concepts, our new client, to recruit international nurses to fill their immediate vacancies in MARION LAUDER HOUSE in Manchester, and Brampton Lodge Care Centre in Warrington. We guarantee you will enter the UK within 6 weeks from your…

Google declined project with US Govt amid employees revolt

What exactly is Project Maven The Department of Defense of the United States gets a lot of data every year, including millions of hours of video almost impossible to process by its human workers. That is why last summer they announced the start-up of Project Maven, a project to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to process all the data…

How SME’s are better to start your career than Multi-National?

Nearly every business graduate tends to start his career from multi-national rather than from SME’s. Indeed starting a career from such platform gives you a better chance to integrate into the market. On the other hand it limits you in many ways. MNC’s kills your creativity, sense of innovation or halts your ability to expand. Working…