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Entrepreneur developing new portal that will reverse the traditional recruitment process

In a time where most of the corporate practices are either becoming digitized or are declared obsolete by industry standards, the person-person interaction-based form of interviewing an individual is just the norm that set to disappear.


Virtual Mechanism based simulations are online tests, and they’re particularly effective in the field of hiring programmers, and all in all, is a robust recruitment strategy. The process of evaluation can be especially convenient as it can consist of technical and meaningful questions that are domain-specific, and additionally, in a cloud-based environment, the candidates’ ability to perform under time constraints and business-like environments is a huge bonus when it comes to selecting the right candidate.

On the other hand an approach that job seeker is practicing over the decades is still same which needs to be transformed. One of the entrepreneurs from Asia has his head down to reverse the approach and makes the job seeker life easy. Instead every time the job seeker get notified and has to apply for the job, he is developing a process which allows job seeker to insert data and upload resume once in his dashboard and leaves the rest to the better assortment in other interface.

‘This process will not only help job seekers in making their life convenient but also refine assortment and makes recruitment waste free. With such approach companies could have same filter but with much better assortment which will ultimately transform online recruitment. It will vanish the traditional trend of applying for a new job every time however ask job seeker for ONCE ONLY. 

This new recruitment approach will reverse the traditional process , refine data, redesign assortment, reduce waste , add on feature ‘Only Once’ and better filters for employers.


Sit back relax employees something incredible is on its way.


Google declined project with US Govt amid employees revolt

What exactly is Project Maven

The Department of Defense of the United States gets a lot of data every year, including millions of hours of video almost impossible to process by its human workers. That is why last summer they announced the start-up of Project Maven, a project to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to process all the data they obtain.

Project Maven focuses on computer vision, an aspect of machine learning and deep learning with which they want to be able to extract objects of interest automatically from still or moving images. This means that an artificial intelligence will analyze the videos and photos , and that it will automatically detect any element that has been trained to qualify as relevant

Image result for google pentagon working

Google employees do not want their company to collaborate with the United States Pentagon by perfecting the artificial intelligence of their systems. In an open letter published in full by media such as the New York Times , about 3,100 employees sign up to directly contact Sundar Pichai asking him to stop working on Project Maven.

It is a pentagon program in which Google is one of the collaborating companies, and which seeks to use articial intelligence to interpret video images. This, much as Google is trying to iron out the issue, has the potential to help improve the targeting of drone attacks and thus improve their effectiveness.

“We believe that Google should not be in the business of war,” they say at the beginning of the open letter. “Therefore, we ask that the Maven Project be canceled and that Google write, publish and apply a clear policy that establishes that neither Google nor its contractors will ever build a technology of war.”

How SME’s are better to start your career than Multi-National?

Nearly every business graduate tends to start his career from multi-national rather than from SME’s. Indeed starting a career from such platform gives you a better chance to integrate into the market. On the other hand it limits you in many ways. MNC’s kills your creativity, sense of innovation or halts your ability to expand.

Working in Multi-National from an employer perspective:

  1. Gives you a positive start
  2. High growth chances
  3. Enhance your profile
  4. high stability
  5. Strong Organisational structure
  6. Rewards and incentive
  7. Salaries on time
  8. No introduction needed 

While introducing MNC’s, Sales Manager usually not bothered to persuade their client out of certain domain or they don’t think out of the box to give a solution to their customer. They stay in a certain slant while convincing clients which are extremely negative. They usually believe their brand is superior to clients choice.


What SME’s teaches you:

  • Gives you a small & hard start
  • Growth chances are 
  • Enhance your profile
  • Gives you confidence
  • Enables you to brainstorm things 
  • Ables you to deal with diverse people
  • They need 100 reasons to justify against MNC’s
  • They need strong reasoning 
  • Enables self-confidence and strong defense 
  • Makes you vulnerable
  • Jack of all segments 

SME enables you to defend yourself in 100 ways. It does not allow you to hide behind the shadow of a brand but force you to be vulnerable.

Customers walk in them and find the representative roaming around in the place. Indeed they greet customer with the joy but when it comes to a point of persuading customer or bringing him out of confused thought whether to go for his official brand or not, representative usually stays in a defined domain no doubt customers are 50% convinced that’s the reason he falls in that store but the required effort representative is expected to put in to the customer forcing him to opt for his brand usually lacks in representative because of the thought in their minds that the brand they are representing is not supposed to go upto that limit or level.

Whereas a guy working for small advertising agency will be vulnerable and always on his toes to face customer with 100 reasons. He will have all those competitive strengths in his minds which customer spells out and thus he will counter them strongly. He knows that whatever he is saying he should mean it. Normally in such small companies, Business Developers/Account Managers have given authority to play around openly. They are asked to generate business at any cost. That authority allows them to think the various perspective of generating business.

A Sales person from SME’s has to be more efficient, progressive, vigilant and vibrant than the person from MNC’s. Even if you take yourself who will you trust more Coke or XYZ  cold drink? In such cases, there are more chances of a guy from SME’s to learn and develop his skills than the guy from MNC.


10 best ideas for starting small business today

Working is art and business is the best art.Always give a valiant effort. What you plant now you’ll gather later.Don’t let the dread of striking out keep you down

Over the previous decade, coffeehouse industry is expanding quickly. A business visionary enthusiastic and capable about espresso can start café business with a generous capital venture. The bistro really regarded as a third place outside of work and home to unwind. Café business is outstanding amongst other approaches to transform your adoration for espresso into a benefit influencing business. Coffee to shop is a high-volume and low-exchange business. Making a correct arrangement can just move your business towards progress. Also, advancing organizations these days isn’t an issue you can utilize online networking for that all you require is a little exertion.



  1. French Fries

On the off chance that you know somebody dependable you can put resources into a French Fries setup. All you require is a profound fryer with a gas stand, new potatoes from the market and a person you can depend on to run the setup for you. You can without much of a stretch make around Rs.3000 a day. As we as a whole know the two children and older folks adore french fries. Again pick an area that would be appropriate, as outside a school, condos or a business focus.

  1. Online Ladies Garments

To start with you will require a provider or a shop where you can purchase quality pieces of clothing from at great rates.Then you will require a rider for conveyance you can get them in a month to month rates from different conveyance organizations. Pain-free income as the online business is grabbing pace. You can either have a site or a Facebook page.Top-10-Low-Cost-Small-Business-Ideas-You-Can-Start-Today

 4.Mugs and Shirt printing business

You require a Facebook page or your very own site with different pictures of printed mugs and shirts printing. Demonstrate your group of onlookers you’re printing quality and enable them to send in their custom pictures for printing, both on mugs and shirts and afterward charge them additional for conveyance.

 5.Mobile Food Shop

This private venture thought is best for the general population who are not knowledgeable. It is mostly taken just like the moveable eateries. You can visit the spots close Courts, Colleges, Markets, Banks and office on the season of Lunch Time. You can offer the workplace specialists with the assortment of nourishment things, for example, Rice, Biryani, Juices or other sustenance things. You can make the speculation beginning from Rs 25000/ – to 3 Lac for setting up the business.

6.Wedding Photographer

Nowadays the request of wedding picture taker is persuading out to be very acclaimed in Pakistan. It is easy to embrace as you simply required to have a few aptitudes of being a flawless picture taker. You ought to have an advanced camcorder which is accessible in Pakistan for the cost of about Rs. 50 to 95 thousand. For the still photography and representations, you should support to get a Nikon or Canon DSL cameras for the cost of about Rs. 25 thousand to Rs. 50 thousand.

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7: Child Day Care Center

In Pakistan nowadays the pattern and request of the infant day mind focus are getting gigantically famous among the general population. You can begin this business at your home place where you can set a space for the children in which you ought to incorporate some infant delicate beds, coats and toys

8: Dairy Business

Dairy Business has additionally ended up being extremely productive in Pakistan. You can keep bovines and give individuals Milk. There is tremendous request in Pakistan for eggs, drain, and other creature items that is done the natural way. A legitimate set up of the dairy business will draw in inns, eateries, and homes. What’s more, since Pakistan is presently the third-biggest maker of a drain on the planet the development in this market could be great and the pay will be great.

9: Occasion Coordinator

Offering occasion facilitator administrations is likewise a standout amongst the most beneficial independent ventures in Pakistan. For some individuals, occasion arranging and overseeing is a tad a troublesome assignment. You can offer you’re providing food and enlivening administrations on occasions. Promotion is important to get the message out. Distribute your business cards and circulate to your loved ones. In the event that somebody will be keen on your administrations, they will contact, contract and pay you.

10: Register your company as ABC Trader:

It’s not yet common but its emerging. You can even do it even if you don’t have an experience. Business demands you to be vibrant and vigilant in whatever you are initiating. It could be a flop for someone else but not for you. Different foreign companies in China and Europe are looking for distributors they don’t prefer investing huge money in capital so what they do they get intenders, importers, and distributors on board and ask them to identify leads from the local market. These companies usually provide complete guide and product knowledge. If you get hold of their product and manage to give them business the best part is they reward you in dollars. (If you are interested in such you can contact us)

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The incredible new app surely helps you getting right job in Dubai

Why don’t you stop relying on numerous job recruitments web portal instead get a direct access to any company in Dubai? An incredible app has made it convenient for you to direct jump in any Dubai company website and search for jobs instead of relying on various web portals where companies aren’t bothering to drag to even next page. This app gives you direct access sitting anywhere in Pakistan to find a job and apply to any kind of job you think is relevant to your field. You just need to download this app from Play store. Usually, job seekers are unaware of operational companies in UAE not even portals gives you complete access to companies. Using this app will give you access to all companies currently operative in Dubai UAE.

Chinese built 2GiS app helps you getting to your desired company website easily. It contains the list of all companies currently operating in Dubai. Made it exceptionally easy for you to get exactly where you need to be. Don’t waste your time on portals where companies even not bothered to scroll to next page.


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Latest Jobs 2016, listed on top 10 webportals

Here are latest 2016 job websites which you should must go through.

There are various job portals in Pakistan providing employees a chance to connect themselves with companies. There are numerous sales and marketing / business development jobs in various cities make sure you don’t miss any. Let’s list down the websites and their significance


It is one of the leading job seeking website, well connected with companies with in Pakistan and abroad. It has a friendly interface which allows user to build its own profile and start applying to jobs. Those who signs up for the first time need to build a strong and professional profile to attract employers.

Customer Feedback: 9/10         Rating: 9.5/10            User friendly: 9/10


It is the best website for job hunt. They have a friendly interface and you need to signup build your profile with proper information. It updates jobs on hourly basis and helps job seekers to remain update from all current job posts. It covers 90% companies with in Pakistan and also connects job seekers in gulf.

Customer Feedback: 9/10         Rating: 9/10            User friendly: 9.5/10

3 .

It is also one of the good website for job seekers mostly covers Lahore and other parts of the country. It covers mostly university, government jobs and few other. But if you are interested in private sector this site may not help you above your expectation, but it keeps on posting jobs regularly and helps you stay up to date.

Customer Feedback: 7.5/10         Rating: 8/10            User friendly: 8/10


This website usually publishes newspaper jobs. In case you have missed any newspaper or someone did bin it for any reason, you can simply find that job here. Interface is just good. It updates job post frequently.

Customer Feedback: 7.5/10         Rating: 7/10            User friendly: 6.5/10


It is well connected website with newspaper. Those who forgot to read newspaper can check this website. It has a reasonable interface. It is rated as 7/10. You need to make a professional profile which can attract employers. If you are expecting pure private sector latest jobs than this might not be a right place for you.

Customer Feedback: 6.5/10         Rating: 7/10            User friendly: 7/10


It is also one of the well-connected website but just because they did not prioritize their marketing sector, they are less known. Good segmentation and interface. Covers mostly private sector. One needs to build strong profile in order to initiate job hunting. Gives you option of hunting by cities, salary expectation and job types.

Customer Feedback: 7/10         Rating: 6.5/10            User friendly: 6.5/10

This web portal helps job seekers in finding government and semi government jobs. It updates frequently which enables job seekers to stay up date. Interface is just fine. Rate 6.5/10. Well connected with government and semi-government sectors. Gives you an option to select area, salary bracket and job category which saves your time often.

Customer Feedback: 7/10         Rating: 6.5/10            User friendly: 7/10

It is one of the effective medium for job seekers for job hunting. User friendly, gives you an option to find explicit area, type and salary bracket. Good enough interface. Rate 8.5/10 Well connected with private sector like banks, private companies, FM-CG, Telecom industry and Insurance firms

Customer Feedback: 8/10         Rating: 8.5/10            User friendly: 8/10


It is again one of the leading and renowned portal for job seekers. Just because the did not prioritize their marketing did not enable them to be in the minds of general public. Well connected in corporate sector. User friendly as well.

 Customer Feedback: 7.5/10         Rating: 7/10            User friendly: 7.5/10


It is well connected website with private sector . Those who have missed weekly newspaper can also  explore this site to retrieve that job details. Interface is reasonable Rate 7/10. Gives you an option of area, job category and other.

Customer Feedback: 7.5/10         Rating: 7/10            User friendly: 8/10

Dear Job seekers:

                              You need to build your strong and attractive profile which should clearly reflect your unique skill and enables employers to select you. Usually marketing, business development jobs remain active and open throughout the year, it all depends how much effort you put in while applying and what’s your salary expectation. Be pragmatic while stating your expected salary.

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