Boris Proposed the divorce idea to conservatives: Brexit Updates

Boris Johnson will give his new Brexit proposals their first airing in Parliament on Thursday, with the prime minister optimistic he can get a deal past the House of Commons if the European Union shifts its red lines.

UNGA: Pakistan under PM Imran Khan emerged as World major player

Prime Minister Imran Khan maiden appearance in UNGA has significance for Muslim countries as it observed as a record viewership all across the world. people from usa tunned to his speech and watched

Glasses can cost you a Most expensive beer: Ashes writer in Manchester Hotel

An Australian cricket writer has claimed to have been charged for “the most expensive beer in history” in the United Kingdom while working to cover this year’s Ashes series.
Peter Lalor, who writes for The Australian, yesterday said he had been charged $99,983.64 (£55,284) for a glass of Deuchars beer at the Malmaison Hotel in Manchester

World’s 15 richest cities will surprise you

Top 15 richest cities may surprise you in a few factors as you may be expecting Boston, Calgary, Perth, and Macau – all associated with material wealth – have failed to make this list of the 15 richest cities in the world, compiled by market research firm New World Wealth. Secondly, if you see the last city Paris with $860 billion is far ahead than the richest billionaire in the world Jeff Bezos CEO Amazon with just $150 billion net wealth

Cristiano Ronaldo Quick facts

Cristiano Ronaldo All you need to know?  Do you have an idea of how many followers Christiano Ronaldo has and how many daily searches for Ronaldo?  Nearly 122 million fans soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo has and approximately half of the number searches daily about the facts and his achievements. So we decided to compile all…