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The Global Digital Correspondent  (Your Digital Ally) is an IT-based platform initiated in December 2015 by one of the Entrepreneur from Pakistan with an objective to develop one of the leading platforms of information and Services in the World. Your Digital Ally- provides the Global information and Services related to student consultancy, jobs, travel & IT Solutions. 


Develop a platform which provides our valued customer one-step solution      


Striving to give sustainable solutions to reduce risk in human extinctions 

Segments we are dealing with:

Global News| Technology | Sports | Health| Students Consultancy | Worlds eccentric Recruitment portal (in the process) | IT Solutions



Global Intentions (Your Digital Ally) Pvt Ltd


Business Graduate & Entrepreneur

(MSc Project Management – The University of Salford) 

Contact: +923214541672

Email: iamsbn11@gmail.com





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The concept behind frequent encounter is that life is a dream for wise, a game for a fool, a comedy for rich and tragedy for a poor. (Aleichem) . A wise man learns from experiences and other struggles repeatedly. The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride and nothing is guaranteed. We are here to discuss experiences people have been through in different matters and how could they be helpful to others before they encounter something odd. The World has changed and it’s not necessary to have a real interaction with someone in order to know someone. People are from various walks of life and have been through the diverse experience which could be helpful for others. Let’s spread harmony, peace, positiveness, motivation, inspiration and think for others. You must be rewarded.