Glasses can cost you a Most expensive beer: Ashes writer in Manchester Hotel

An Australian cricket writer has claimed to have been charged for “the most expensive beer in history” in the United Kingdom while working to cover this year’s Ashes series.
Peter Lalor, who writes for The Australian, yesterday said he had been charged $99,983.64 (£55,284) for a glass of Deuchars beer at the Malmaison Hotel in Manchester

House of Commons passed no-deal Brexit bill

“It is clear the only action is to go back to the people and give them the opportunity to decide what they want: Boris to go to Brussels and get a deal, or leave without one on 31 October or Jeremy Corbyn arriving in Brussels with his surrender bill begging for more delay, more dither…

British Lawmakers giving hard time to J Borris

Second Day continously J Borris could not get the required numbers from the govt benches therefore he has been forced to look back towards the brexit coach passengers to give him a hand but not much of lawmakers of his govt benches ready to second his approach for a while. Having won control of the…

World’s 15 richest cities will surprise you

Top 15 richest cities may surprise you in a few factors as you may be expecting Boston, Calgary, Perth, and Macau – all associated with material wealth – have failed to make this list of the 15 richest cities in the world, compiled by market research firm New World Wealth. Secondly, if you see the last city Paris with $860 billion is far ahead than the richest billionaire in the world Jeff Bezos CEO Amazon with just $150 billion net wealth

London to get new dialing code

Brits still spend more than 44 billion minutes making landline calls each year, 5th time in a row London to get new codes as Ofcom is short of providing numbers to offer. 

Texas Shooting claims 21 injuries and 5 dead including gunmen near Odessa

HOUSTON — Five people were killed and at least 21 others were injured in a brazen daylight drive-by mass shooting in the West Texas cities of Midland and Odessa on Saturday, as a gunman drove on the highways and streets opening fire on residents, motorists and shoppers, the authorities said. Shooter targets people in the…