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Some of the useful tips everyone should know how to do it, it will be helpful in many ways such as time-saving, makes you independent, scaleable, cost-saving you don’t have to pay for such a small job to someone, it makes you get going. You don’t have to call your bro or tech guy makes him annoy in his office hours and say I am stuck in here if you could help me. When did technology start? we may not be bothered about it but what is the best practice in technology every one surely needs to know.

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We in this blog will try to focus on tech-based ‘how to do’ it. Technology has become our life’s integral part. smartphone gadgets, laptop, smart TVs, electronics and so many other electronic devices have integrated into our lives that without knowing their actual user manual they just become waste for us. The world is moving towards cloud technology and IoT. What is the internet of things?

Here is a list of 12 ‘How to do it’ tips which are very useful in your daily life and you won’t be dependent on anyone. We surely won’t be missing anything useful that you are expecting or searching and you won’t find that here   

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How to clear cache in order to speed up your mobile and windows

How to delete your Facebook account if ever you are in need to do that

How to download video from YouTube

How to edit PDF one of the most faced issue nowadays in offices

How to hack wifi password: There is no need to misuse some one’s privacy but if you are in a severe need of internet and could not connect to your owns you can use this to get going.

How to use a VPN, we have nowadays some restricted sites for children perspective so if you ever need to search such a site use a VPN and get your job done.

How to speed up your windows

Problems we usually face a new phone we actually have no idea how to take a screenshot

You must have heard about ‘never take things for granted’, that’s quite right up to some extent and the world is existing on the same principle. It’s not obvious what you know everyone else knows that as well. There is a long list of ‘How to do’ which exist in our 24/7 working life hours some time it links with technology and sometimes not


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