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Get festive at these winters fairs: Christmas Markets in London 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year  nearly. Not only Britishers but from all around Europe families, tourists and teenagers plans to make a round of one of the Worlds known spot in Europe, London. Perhaps officials realised it and move strategies accordingly to accommodate every single tourists in the best possible way. In regards to space, food, entertainment and security of course.

It may still be a fair few weeks before the big day itself, but London is already getting into the Christmas spirit with a number of winter markets chock-full of mulled wine and mince pies.

There are Bavarian beer halls, street food extravaganzas, fondue igloos and plenty of other wintry delights to be had, so pull on your cosiest Christmas jumper, get your fake reindeer horns out and go down to one of these festive markets









The Southbank Centre’s popular Winter Market is returning this year with two new bars added to its array of yuletide delights. Cheese lovers should head to Bar Under the Bridge, which will be serving up a range of festively themed fromage snacks and cocktails, while the Circus Bar – complete with cosy fire pits – will be on hand to offer meaty snacks and plenty of mulled wine and cider to wash it all down with. Elsewhere there will be a range of stalls selling winter street food favourites from around the culinary globe. Instagrammers need only head to one place, though: Jimmy Garcia’s cheese fondue igloos.

London is known as the best tourist spot all around nearly 50 million people commute in London during a month, official stats. Keeping such a high volume of human displacement in view London Transport is well aware of all mandatory steps needed to be taken


Why Unilever planned to closure its Head office in London?

Back in 2016 when Brexit emerged and it was announced that it will take 2 and half years for Brexit implementation since than Unilever decided to shut down its London Head-office and continue its operations effectively from Rotterdam Netherlands. What makes them going against their original decision and now they plan to it operative in London.

Unilever, the consumer products giant, has given up on plans to close its London headquarters, responding to shareholder criticism of an initiative to simplify the company’s organization.

The company announced in March that it would make Rotterdam, the Netherlands, its sole headquarters. The move was seen as a symbolic blow to Britain as it negotiates a breakup with the European Union.

“We recognize that the proposal has not received support from a significant group of shareholders and therefore consider it appropriate to withdraw,” the company said in a statement.

For nearly a century, the company — whose products include Dove soap, Hellmann’s mayonnaise, and Lipton tea — has maintained headquarters in both London and the Netherlands. Some investors have pushed Unilever to eliminate the dual structure, arguing that doing so would make the company more agile and better able to pursue mergers

Pilot test: EU citizen can now submit applications to remain in UK after Brexit

Impact of Brexit on Migrants , thats how they are reaching to UK from France

EU nationals wanting to stay in Britain after Brexit can start applying from today.

Home office started taking EU citizen applications today

So the first way of Brexit execution is visible as Home office trials begins and approached some citizen from liverpool and some from north west of England to submit their applications as they are living for more than 5 years in UK, after submission of forms they will undergo scrutiny and prudently allotted status of “Settled Status” to stay in UK. Every EU citizen living in UK for 5 or more years and has home would be asked to apply and avail this status and shun any thing odd.

However all those EU citizens living in UK for less than 5 years will have to wait for the remaining time and once they complete they could also submit their application in order to avail the “Settled Status”, its not yet decided the how the time difference would be catered.

Applications will cost £65 for adults and £32.50 for children under the age of 16.

Applicants will be asked to prove their identity, declare any criminal convictions and upload a facial photograph

The first EU nationals wishing to apply to stay in the UK after Brexit are submitting their paperwork as part of a Home Office trial.

“Settled status” will allow non-British Europeans who have been living in the UK for at least five years to secure their right to stay in the country.

NHS workers in the north-west of England and students and staff from three Liverpool universities are among those invited to apply early for a “managed live trial” of the process, which the Home Office says should involve up to 4,000 people to iron out any kinks before a phased roll-out by the end of the year.

Since the UK voted to leave the EU on 23 June 2016, EU citizens who have made their homes in Britain have been securing their status by applying for “permanent residency” cards – an expensive and arduous bureaucratic process that was never designed to cater for them.

The inundation of applications led to a backlog at the Home Office and prompted Theresa May to unveil plans for the new “settled status” system.

Under the EU Settlement Scheme, EU citizens and family members who have been in the UK for five years by the end of 2020 will be able to apply for settled status, meaning they are free to go on living and working in the UK indefinitely.

People’s Vote march – demanding vote on final Brexit deal

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People’s Vote march – demanding vote on final Brexit deal

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A young protestor shouts as she takes part in the People’s Vote demonstration against Brexit
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A protester’s pro-EU t-shirt

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Gina Miller and Caroline Lucas

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Tens of thousands of people march through London

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• 17/30
Demonstrators at the People’s Vote March

• 18/30
‘Two months too young to decide on my future’

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• 20/30
A young girl joins in the march

• 21/30
An EU flag is draped across the statue of Winston Chruchill in Parliament Square

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• 23/30
Vince Cable MP, Pro-EU campaigner Gina Miller, Tony Robinson and Caroline Lucas MP join with crowds

• 24/30

• 25/30
Crowds gather on Pall Mall

• 26/30
A man resembling Britain’s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, joins EU supporters

• 27/30

• 28/30
People gather in Trafalgar Square

• 29/30
Pro-EU campaigner Gina Miller and Tony Robinson

• 30/30
EU supporters, calling on the government to give Britons a vote on the final Brexit deal, participate in the ‘People’s Vote’ march

The Home Office will check employment and benefits data to confirm proof of residence, while all applications will be run through UK criminality and security databases. Previously, EU applicants for permanent residency had to provide dossiers of documents proving where they were, and what they were doing, for the whole of their five years in the UK.

Those who have arrived by December 31 2020, but do not have five years’ residence, can apply for “pre-settled status” in a similar process, and then have their status upgraded free of charge to “settled” once they reach the five-year threshold.

The Home Office says it wants to make the process “as quick and user-friendly as possible”, and that the full scheme will be in place by 30 March 2019. It also reminds EU citizens that their rights will not change until the end of the Brexit transition period in 2021 and so they don’t need to apply straight away – presumably to avoid another inundation of paperwork.

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Sports Direct to prevent sinking UK retail House of Fraser:

It was not unexpected but an other plunge of a retail in recent time and was also predicted moment House of Fraser announced to closed down its flagship store from London, few outlets to shut down and Head office to shift to Scotland from London all these were assumed the signs of either being acquired by some giant or merger could be the possible option hence Sports Direct CEO heads down and announced

House of Fraser has 59 stores across the UK and Ireland, including 31 already earmarked for closure, and employs 17,500 people. The House of Fraser store in Dublin was not included in the deal.

The group announced in June that it was shutting down a raft of stores, putting 6,000 jobs at risk, after the costs of running its store network had become “unsustainable”.

Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct has bought department store chain House of Fraser, which collapsed into administration on Friday morning.

The discount sports retailer paid £90m in cash to buy the high street department store chain, which includes all its UK stores, the branding and all of its stock.

The group announced in June that it was shutting down a raft of stores, putting 6,000 jobs at risk, after the costs of running its store network had become “unsustainable”.

On Friday, administrators from EY were called in, and reports emerged that the Sports Direct founder, who also owns Newcastle United football club, was close to buying all or part of the retailer. The deal was confirmed hours after House of Fraser collapsed.

Emergency declared in UK in case ‘No Deal’ Brexit with Brussels

Although year comprise of 365 days but that’s not a long tenure for Britishers living in Manchester as they have already started brain storming about the alternate options to coup up with the situation expected to erupt in coming 12 months result in uninformed parts ways between UK and EU. Yes, they seems concern over probable shortage of medicines and other basic commodities assumed to be imported from outside UK.

According to reports , Manchester council ’s leader Sir Richard Leese said: “I think its about time to think on it.” According to authorities they have started drawing plans and are putting themselves in a situation to think of alternate options.



As per Senior Ministers, Army is on stand by to deliver dry and fresh food, Junk food , medicines and nevertheless fuel for vehicles. More over Government resisting to give any policy statement or precaution to public as the fear there conservative supporter would not gonna tolerate it.

Not only the human resource but also Helicopters, Trucks and trains are also cautioned on stand by to deliver all sufficient food , medicine and goods to remote areas. Moreover Hospitals cautioned to stockpile drugs and other running medicine on hold

Minister called the alternate plan ‘utterly realistic’

Reporter asked Sir Richards ‘ When public should be ready and prepared for all his action to execute, where he replied ‘ its about time people should be vibrant and prepared.


Where Britishers are heading towards on this Bank Holiday?

Where you should be heading this summers

If your excitement is paused due to confusion of Bank Holidays dates in UK and you have not yet planned which site you should visit its never to late to plan, we can help you in making your plan perfect by sharing bank Holidays dates according to your area.

The first Bank Holiday Announced in 1871 in the first week of August was primarily for Bankers to enjoy Matches in summer later on it was changed so now various parts have various dates for the Bank Holiday and here are they:

Bank Holidays Confirmed:

SCOTLAND : 6th of August

ENGLAND & WALES : 27th August


Interestingly, next Bank Holiday will be at Christmas 25 Dec and Boxing Day Holiday on 26 Dec

Events Brief:

Notting Hill Carnival: Happening since 1966, 2 million people are expected to attend.

Caribbean Dance, Traditional food and music mostly people enjoy in it. They want people to wear crazy styled hats, large jewelry, whistles and whatever suits your fancy.”

Manchester is holding Manchester Pride’s The Big Weekend, an award-winning festival by, and for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community.

Top music stars like Rita Ora, Pete Tong, Danny Howard and Sigala will all be performing across the weekend.

So its clear check your area dates and plan your holidays and good bye summers in best way possible before you get grey clouds showering and drizzling over you 24/7 and limit your movement.