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Pragmatic ideas for startup NGO

If you have some plans to initiate or establish NGO and at the same time worried about money, you need to sit back and relax. In this article, we will discuss the big potential ideas that have helped hundreds and thousands of charity and nonprofit organizations to successfully raise funds for their causes.

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One thing to remember before we start discussing fundraising ideas is that not every idea will suit you or your organization, so you must analyze and assess the outcome of each one and see how much it will benefit your initiative and cause you are fighting for. You must also carefully think what would work best for your donors, potential supporters and volunteers before you start your fundraiser

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Credit cards age is ending soon. Will be replaced by peerless idea

It’s happening, and fast: The era of the credit card, in which plastic is the standard form of payment, is coming to an end. But it isn’t being replaced by cash. Instead, it’s being replaced by a new system, one that involves digital money transfers through smartphones and other devices.

Now, before you mourn the loss of the old system, you have to admit there are some problems inherent to credit cards. The most glaring of these is that credit cards often aren’t 100 percent secure. Users face issues ranging from hackers and fraud to lost and stolen cards.

The cards also aren’t without high fees from financial institutions, and they’re rarely accepted worldwide

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The convenience of digital options compared to both cash and cards is another reason credit cards are gradually being phased out. The ease of digitally exchanging money between friends, or from an employer to an employee, already gives digital transactions an advantage over both cash and cards.

These digital peer-to-peer, or P2P, payments are becoming increasingly popular because they can eliminate high transactions fees and processing or service fees, all while remaining secure. The most widely used platform for peer-to-peer payments is , with more than active accounts worldwide. , an app that allows for instant P2P payments, is another popular platform, while services like and are also taking advantage of the convenience of P2P transactions.

This points to an important truth: Even for most online payments, cards simply aren’t necessary.

Because of these challenges and ever-emerging payment alternatives, more and more people are opting to avoid credit cards altogether. The burgeoning growth of card-less transactions is particularly important in light of recent findings from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: In 2015, the FDIC found that a significant portion of American households, 24.5 million, are. Many people, whether because they want to or because they have no choice, don’t own a credit card or have a bank account

FinTech is going cardless

Amazon helped the revolution along considerably with its announcement of in April 2017. This shift lets customers fill up their Amazon balances using cash when they present an Amazon barcode to participating stores. Its introduction of the “add cash” option has made the buying process accessible to more than a quarter of its customers.

As Amazon has, customers no longer need a credit card to make purchases and can instead buy products using their Amazon Balance.

Another alternative to credit cards is already being used as a payment option by major players like. Topping up your PayTM wallet lets you use net-banking, a cordless option that makes your smartphone the only thing you need to get around for the day.

Also getting in on the trend are start-ups like, which helps travelers who want to exchange currency without the additional fees charged by banks and other companies. Customers can buy foreign currency directly from the app and withdraw their cash at the closest CashDash ATM.

“Smartphones are emerging as the most promising alternative to credit cards.”

The app is helpful for unbanked individuals as well.

The common theme here is that smartphones are emerging as the most promising alternative to credit cards. Since so many people already use smartphones for day-to-day payments like ordering food or hailing an Uber, ditching wallets altogether seems like the logical next step.

Cryptocurrency as cardless technology

Another step towards a cardless society is the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, which is also sometimes referred to as electronic currency and can be seen as an online version of cash. The first type of cryptocurrency is the widely popular but also controversial bitcoin, which started in 2009.

Bitcoins are essentially digital coins that people can buy and use to make and receive payments. Unlike credit cards, they have low transaction fees and don’t require sales tax. Also unlike credit cards, bitcoin lets users stay anonymous.

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Should you keep your credit card?

With the rise of cryptocurrencies and our increasing ability to use our smartphone to pay for basic services, it’s clear that credit cards are going out of fashion.

It’s still too early to leave your credit card behind since it’ll take some time before cards phase out altogether. Nonetheless, it can’t hurt to start adapting to digital alternatives.

After all, for consumers, the motivation to ditch the card is simple: lower fees, improved convenience, and increased financial independence.

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How SME’s are better to start your career than Multi-National?

Nearly every business graduate tends to start his career from multi-national rather than from SME’s. Indeed starting a career from such platform gives you a better chance to integrate into the market. On the other hand it limits you in many ways. MNC’s kills your creativity, sense of innovation or halts your ability to expand.

Working in Multi-National from an employer perspective:

  1. Gives you a positive start
  2. High growth chances
  3. Enhance your profile
  4. high stability
  5. Strong Organisational structure
  6. Rewards and incentive
  7. Salaries on time
  8. No introduction needed 

While introducing MNC’s, Sales Manager usually not bothered to persuade their client out of certain domain or they don’t think out of the box to give a solution to their customer. They stay in a certain slant while convincing clients which are extremely negative. They usually believe their brand is superior to clients choice.


What SME’s teaches you:

  • Gives you a small & hard start
  • Growth chances are 
  • Enhance your profile
  • Gives you confidence
  • Enables you to brainstorm things 
  • Ables you to deal with diverse people
  • They need 100 reasons to justify against MNC’s
  • They need strong reasoning 
  • Enables self-confidence and strong defense 
  • Makes you vulnerable
  • Jack of all segments 

SME enables you to defend yourself in 100 ways. It does not allow you to hide behind the shadow of a brand but force you to be vulnerable.

Customers walk in them and find the representative roaming around in the place. Indeed they greet customer with the joy but when it comes to a point of persuading customer or bringing him out of confused thought whether to go for his official brand or not, representative usually stays in a defined domain no doubt customers are 50% convinced that’s the reason he falls in that store but the required effort representative is expected to put in to the customer forcing him to opt for his brand usually lacks in representative because of the thought in their minds that the brand they are representing is not supposed to go upto that limit or level.

Whereas a guy working for small advertising agency will be vulnerable and always on his toes to face customer with 100 reasons. He will have all those competitive strengths in his minds which customer spells out and thus he will counter them strongly. He knows that whatever he is saying he should mean it. Normally in such small companies, Business Developers/Account Managers have given authority to play around openly. They are asked to generate business at any cost. That authority allows them to think the various perspective of generating business.

A Sales person from SME’s has to be more efficient, progressive, vigilant and vibrant than the person from MNC’s. Even if you take yourself who will you trust more Coke or XYZ  cold drink? In such cases, there are more chances of a guy from SME’s to learn and develop his skills than the guy from MNC.


10 best ideas for starting small business today

Working is art and business is the best art.Always give a valiant effort. What you plant now you’ll gather later.Don’t let the dread of striking out keep you down

Over the previous decade, coffeehouse industry is expanding quickly. A business visionary enthusiastic and capable about espresso can start café business with a generous capital venture. The bistro really regarded as a third place outside of work and home to unwind. Café business is outstanding amongst other approaches to transform your adoration for espresso into a benefit influencing business. Coffee to shop is a high-volume and low-exchange business. Making a correct arrangement can just move your business towards progress. Also, advancing organizations these days isn’t an issue you can utilize online networking for that all you require is a little exertion.



  1. French Fries

On the off chance that you know somebody dependable you can put resources into a French Fries setup. All you require is a profound fryer with a gas stand, new potatoes from the market and a person you can depend on to run the setup for you. You can without much of a stretch make around Rs.3000 a day. As we as a whole know the two children and older folks adore french fries. Again pick an area that would be appropriate, as outside a school, condos or a business focus.

  1. Online Ladies Garments

To start with you will require a provider or a shop where you can purchase quality pieces of clothing from at great rates.Then you will require a rider for conveyance you can get them in a month to month rates from different conveyance organizations. Pain-free income as the online business is grabbing pace. You can either have a site or a Facebook page.Top-10-Low-Cost-Small-Business-Ideas-You-Can-Start-Today

 4.Mugs and Shirt printing business

You require a Facebook page or your very own site with different pictures of printed mugs and shirts printing. Demonstrate your group of onlookers you’re printing quality and enable them to send in their custom pictures for printing, both on mugs and shirts and afterward charge them additional for conveyance.

 5.Mobile Food Shop

This private venture thought is best for the general population who are not knowledgeable. It is mostly taken just like the moveable eateries. You can visit the spots close Courts, Colleges, Markets, Banks and office on the season of Lunch Time. You can offer the workplace specialists with the assortment of nourishment things, for example, Rice, Biryani, Juices or other sustenance things. You can make the speculation beginning from Rs 25000/ – to 3 Lac for setting up the business.

6.Wedding Photographer

Nowadays the request of wedding picture taker is persuading out to be very acclaimed in Pakistan. It is easy to embrace as you simply required to have a few aptitudes of being a flawless picture taker. You ought to have an advanced camcorder which is accessible in Pakistan for the cost of about Rs. 50 to 95 thousand. For the still photography and representations, you should support to get a Nikon or Canon DSL cameras for the cost of about Rs. 25 thousand to Rs. 50 thousand.

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7: Child Day Care Center

In Pakistan nowadays the pattern and request of the infant day mind focus are getting gigantically famous among the general population. You can begin this business at your home place where you can set a space for the children in which you ought to incorporate some infant delicate beds, coats and toys

8: Dairy Business

Dairy Business has additionally ended up being extremely productive in Pakistan. You can keep bovines and give individuals Milk. There is tremendous request in Pakistan for eggs, drain, and other creature items that is done the natural way. A legitimate set up of the dairy business will draw in inns, eateries, and homes. What’s more, since Pakistan is presently the third-biggest maker of a drain on the planet the development in this market could be great and the pay will be great.

9: Occasion Coordinator

Offering occasion facilitator administrations is likewise a standout amongst the most beneficial independent ventures in Pakistan. For some individuals, occasion arranging and overseeing is a tad a troublesome assignment. You can offer you’re providing food and enlivening administrations on occasions. Promotion is important to get the message out. Distribute your business cards and circulate to your loved ones. In the event that somebody will be keen on your administrations, they will contact, contract and pay you.

10: Register your company as ABC Trader:

It’s not yet common but its emerging. You can even do it even if you don’t have an experience. Business demands you to be vibrant and vigilant in whatever you are initiating. It could be a flop for someone else but not for you. Different foreign companies in China and Europe are looking for distributors they don’t prefer investing huge money in capital so what they do they get intenders, importers, and distributors on board and ask them to identify leads from the local market. These companies usually provide complete guide and product knowledge. If you get hold of their product and manage to give them business the best part is they reward you in dollars. (If you are interested in such you can contact us)

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How to brand your product?

A targeted social media campaign allows you to reach your audience and influencers through channels that are personal to them, where they are interacting directly with friends and family, or with those who share similar interests. Our analysts track and quantify the results of each campaign, allowing us to learn from current efforts and apply what we’ve learned to future iterations.

Can we ask why are you missing your share? Do you want to be a market leader and be in the customer’s rows? Do you want to grow your business? Are you hitting right segment of customers?

Our experts won’t mind doing that for you:

  • Online Digital Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • PPC Advertising
  • eCommerce Development

                           Get the best Marketing strategies & be the market leader


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Our Process :

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Some interesting facts about French President

The next French President is 39 years old. But that is not the news.
He is married to a 64-year-old, that is still not the news. His wife was his class teacher 24 years ago…not still the news.
His then class teacher had a daughter who was his classmate…everybody including his parents thought this teacher’s daughter was his girlfriend…nope they were wrong. He fell in love with his class teacher when he was 15…she was “happily married” with 3 kids…now the “happily married” is relative in this context.
At 17, he promised to marry her. She was at the time 42 years. They got married in 2007 with our man now 30…well she was almost 55.
Next month he is going to be sworn-in as the President of France 6 months to his 40th birthday while his lovely wife who has 3 adult kids and 7 grandchildren (her first child is two years older than her husband while her second child, the former classmate/sweetheart is the same age as him).
His name is Emmanuel Macron (39) and he is the next President of France.

So if you’re single, relax. He is not born yet

Top 100 websites which get highest visitors per month.

A Singapore-based hosting provider Vodien has gathered the list of top 100 websites on Google ranking depicting the most use of the searches around the world.

Without any pros & cons and doubts, Google became the top website in the world. According to the Alexa ranking, the website received 28 billion visits per month. This means that out of 1.1 billion websites available on the internet, Google succeeded in snatching away the top spot due to traffic.

On the other hand, second place went to YouTube, which gathered 20.5 billion visits a month.

  1. Google                                                             11.Linkedin

      2. Youtube                                                          12. Imgur

      3. Facebook                                                        13. Instagram

      4. Amazon                                                          14. Windowslive.com

      5. Yahoo                                                              15. Craigslist.com

      6. Wikipedia.org                                              16. Diply.com

      7. Reddit                                                            17. Bing.com

      8. Ebay                                                                18. Pinterest

      9. Twitter                                                           19. Tumblr.com

      10. Netflix                                                          20. Espn.com