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Where Britishers are heading towards on this Bank Holiday?

Where you should be heading this summers

If your excitement is paused due to confusion of Bank Holidays dates in UK and you have not yet planned which site you should visit its never to late to plan, we can help you in making your plan perfect by sharing bank Holidays dates according to your area.

The first Bank Holiday Announced in 1871 in the first week of August was primarily for Bankers to enjoy Matches in summer later on it was changed so now various parts have various dates for the Bank Holiday and here are they:

Bank Holidays Confirmed:

SCOTLAND : 6th of August

ENGLAND & WALES : 27th August


Interestingly, next Bank Holiday will be at Christmas 25 Dec and Boxing Day Holiday on 26 Dec

Events Brief:

Notting Hill Carnival: Happening since 1966, 2 million people are expected to attend.

Caribbean Dance, Traditional food and music mostly people enjoy in it. They want people to wear crazy styled hats, large jewelry, whistles and whatever suits your fancy.”

Manchester is holding Manchester Pride’s The Big Weekend, an award-winning festival by, and for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community.

Top music stars like Rita Ora, Pete Tong, Danny Howard and Sigala will all be performing across the weekend.

So its clear check your area dates and plan your holidays and good bye summers in best way possible before you get grey clouds showering and drizzling over you 24/7 and limit your movement.



Trump got the most eccentric response from Britishers: May


The president savaged Mr May’s Brexit proposals and warned they would likely kill off any chance of a future trade deal with the US in a bombshell interview.

He also backed former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson for PM, and launched a fresh attack on Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

As he was due to meet the Queen today, thousands of people descended on central London for a women’s march and a ‘Stop Trump’ protest calling for people to “build bridges not walls.”

During his state visit to London, May told BBC what Trump has a trick for her to deal with EU and it was astonishing. Trump told May not to walk away from negotiations but sue them. What does that mean?

He also told May that he may not contest for 2022 presidential election in USA.

How Trump has been treated in London?


Its always been hard to be in the trade partners country when you just labelled tariff on their goods. Not only trade but also his immigration and foreign policy is not liked by most of the Britishers out there hence Thousands of people are expected to attend demonstrations in London and other places to protest against his controversial approach to immigration, trade and foreign policy.

                          Immigration         –         Trade         –          Foreign Policy

These are the major concerns of protesters faced by Trump in London and due to which he has to stay caution while roaming around in restaurants the way he used to walk around in his previous trips

The final part of Mr Trump’s trip in Scotland will likely exacerbate anger, as it is believed he will spend a lot time playing golf, with British taxpayers covering the £5m cost of security.

Showcasing the UK’s military and its capabilities will form a key element of the trip for the UK, with the US defense secretary having recently questioned Britain’s ongoing commitment to maintaining world-class forces.

The visit will take in a lavish black-tie dinner at Blenheim Palace, near Oxford, a working lunch with Ms May at Chequers, and a meeting with the Queen at Windsor Castle, but only a brief overnight stay in London.

Asked whether the president’s schedule was designed to keep him away from possible protests, a Downing Street spokeswoman said: “We’re looking forward to making sure the president has a chance to see and experience the UK beyond London and the South-East.”

Donald Trump ‘considered invading Venezuela’, reports say

She added that it is normal for prime ministers to make use of Chequers when foreign leaders are visiting, with former presidents Richard Nixon, George Bush Senior and Junior having all visited the 16th-century manor house in Buckinghamshire.

But the majority of the trip being outside London, means it seems unlikely the president will come close enough to Westminster to see the “Trump baby” blimp protesters plan to fly over the houses of parliament, after receiving permission for the stunt from London mayor Sadiq Khan.

The Downing Street spokeswoman added: “As with any protest, we are a free and open democracy and we believe in the right to peaceful protest.

“But I would also say that I think the majority of British people understand the importance of the UK-US alliance.

“The presidential visit is an important moment to recognise our close and special relationship and to have good and frank discussions on the key issues.”

Mr Trump arrives in the UK on board Air Force One next Thursday afternoon, straight from the Nato summit in Brussels where he is expected to confront European allies over levels of defence

Trump corrects tweet boasting about his writing after it has spelling mistakes

The president and his wife Melania will then be guests of honour at a dinner for around 100 guests at Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, a personal hero of the president.

The trip to the 18th-century country house, built for the first Duke of Marlborough as a reward for his military victories, will begin with a military ceremony in the Great Court of the Palace, where the bands of the Scots, Irish and Welsh Guards will play the Liberty Fanfare, Amazing Grace, and the National Emblem.

Later in the trip Ms May and Mr Trump will also visit an unnamed defence site to view a demonstration of UK military capabilities, with a strong stress on integrated UK-US training.

The focus on defence comes after Mr Trump appeared to be impressed with the French military parade he saw on Bastille Day while being hosted by Emmanuel Macron earlier this year.

Since then the two leaders have apparently formed a close relationship and earlier this week a leaked letter from the US defense secretary Jim Mattis suggested France could be the “partner of choice” for the US in international affairs in the future.

The Downing Street spokeswoman said: “In every aspect of our relationship, we are seeking to deepen our special relationship and defence is one of those, and security.

“Our armed forces have fought together for over a century and no two countries work closer together in defence co-operation and that element of the visit is a reflection of that.”

The dinner at Blenheim will be attended by the Prime Minister, with guests including leaders of UK business sectors including financial services, travel, creative industries, food and drink, engineering, tech, infrastructure, pharmaceuticals and defence.

Downing Street said it is intended to “celebrate the strong business links between our two countries” at a time when the UK is hoping to strike a free trade deal with the US following Brexit.

Want to join NewYear evening in London 2018. Must read blog

Indeed, London is acknowledged as one of the exceptional tourist spots and also ranked top when it comes to employees most liked a place to work for. Most of the people desire to witness New year night fireworks but very few get a chance to actually have its glimpse. It’s because numerous people virtually wait

   Dear Europeans travelers it’s not too late to attend world best fireworks this year


for the tickets which usually gets finish within no time. It won’t be wrong to assume that tickets may get sold off 4 to 6 months earlier. So the first act you expect to do is to check the website and buy it instantly. Well if you find yourself lucky enough to grab one or more than buckle up yourself and expect party hard. It is no doubt a breathtaking event for the viewers explicitly 15 mins of firework. Simply one can’t explain the delight person feels. Entry for general public gets open at 6pm. You must be wondering what you are expected to do till 12. That’s where you have to go through a hard assessment. All you have to do is WAIT & WAIT & WAIT. Let’s list down what can you do.

1) Enjoy the static front scene

2) can see people around

3) gossip with you folk

4) take pictures

5) enjoy music

6) take a nap on a folk shoulder

7) discuss your love affairs

8) Eat your food. Besides all, you are forced to stand like a statue just for nothing for straight 5 hours.

On the other hand, things, you need to be care full about are

1) take warm clothes as weather conditions usually remains extremely cold

2) take a bag which can be used as a pillow

3) portable battery

4) Interesting Novel

5) Anything that could engage you in few hours.

As compare to people benches are too less so if you find yourself lucky to have it grab it in a blink, don’t leave your seat in any case. It seems all right to spend 5 straight hours standing and waiting for something happens for just 15 minutes but its neither bad to have a bench. People usually run after grill or bar instead acquiring bench that’s the biggest mistake they do. So if you find an empty bench or grill must go for a bench. You can have your food, drink, extra warm clothes, save your batteries for the final few mins or take portable batteries along. It takes you to get to your allocated place few mins but it takes minimum 90 mins to leave the same place because of a huge crowd. Make yourself mentally prepare that you have to stand for literally nothing for straight 5 hours but those final 15 mins are worth watching. No doubt it’s a lifetime event but one time as well.

If you are traveling from somewhere outside London, you need to be seated well before time as London behaves really awkward even in normal days. As per stats, daily commutation of people in London in a day is 3 million. You can well imagine how can a tourist spot behaves on new year evening. You should be aware of which place your entrance is towards the venue and at which station you are getting off. London is hugely diverse and extremely fast. Its transport gives you hard time if you are not vigilant in planning and selection. It’s good to go prepare and preserve your energy for the right moments.

Entry in the venue?

At NewYears night they usually get short of security guards as a tourist from all around the globe reaches that area and even force of thousands and thousands seems very less. So they ask people to join them and perform job inside the venue. what you are supposed to do is to ask any guard which security force is performing duty at that venue and once you get to know them like (Manpower security in 2016) you can tell guards or police standing at the gate to let you enter as you are called inside for security duty, You can name any supervisor. Once you enter in the venue you can join any squad for duty or just wait for the main event as nobody gonna ask you anything later.

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Photogenic places in the world


The world is brimming with wonderful spots – both common and synthetic – and even the most eager Globetrotters can’t want to deplete them all. In any case, some essentially cherish the camera more than others. 

Isfehan, Iran

. Isfehan, Iran.jpgPersian-Islamic engineering is a genuine festival of craftsmanship: enlivening, emblematic and pleased. The structures of Esfehan embody these standards with elegance and loftiness. Walk around consummate tree-lined avenues, take in the brilliant tiled mosques and find the vaults and arches of Khaju Bridge at sunset, where individuals assemble to sing and discuss verse.


Milford Sound, New Zealand


Milford Sound, New Zealand.jpg

Rudyard Kipling named Milford Sound “the eighth wonder of the world” – and all who have investigated this quiet fjord would wholeheartedly concur. Mountains outline unblemished waters, which are home to seals, penguins and bottlenose dolphins. Humpback whales have additionally been spotted here progressively frequently. Emotional Miter Peak is the cash shot.

In case you’re looking for la dolce vita, look no more distant than Positano. Roosted on the cusp of the Amalfi Coast, this interwoven of beautiful estates and colonnaded galleries have a chicness that calls for dusk tinted aperitive and a fabulous, Sophia Loren-enlivened, equip. The little rock shoreline is peppered with ocean glass and striped umbrellas, the ideal place to posture among bronzed local people and motion picture stars alike.


Lake Tahoe, USA

. Lake Tahoe, USA.jpg

Lake Tahoe – signifying “enormous water” – is celebrated internationally as one of the most elevated snowcapped lakes on the planet. The water here is protected from solid breezes by mountains, which means it’s a fantasy for paddle boarding. On the off chance that it’s a genuine photograph opportunity you’re after, make a beeline for Emerald Bay to see the dawn; you’re ensured a supernatural affair.

Varanasi, India

Varanasi, India.jpg

In the northern territory of Uttar Pradesh lies the old and heavenly city of Varanasi. Hindu pioneers travel here for an opportunity to bathe in the sacrosanct waters of the Ganges River and to incinerate friends and family who they accept will set sail into the following life. The sentimental Mughal engineering, brilliant waterside customs and serenades of funerary rituals stick long in the brain. At dusk, when the daily functions start and the waterway sparkles with candlelight, it is at its generally excellent.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium.jpg

Bruges is a medieval magnum opus of cobbled avenues, channels, and sentimental footbridges – and it additionally gloats some of Belgium’s finest chocolate shops. There are tall tale scenes every step of the way and it’s a test not to get occupied by the enticing window shows. When you’ve become tired from investigating and snapping, exquisite bistros and warm bars are in abundance.

Namib Desert, Namibia

Namib Desert, Namibia.jpg

The Namib Desert has a portion of the most noteworthy and most sensational ridges on the planet. The crude banks of sand (which consume the brightest orange at dawn) cut incredible swathes over the landscape, intruded on just by the infrequent tree, petrified by sun and absence of water. Its sheer, stark excellence influences the abandon to culminate grub for the courageous picture taker.

Palomino, Colombia

Palomino, Colombia.jpg

With its wild, breezy oceans and shorelines sponsored by tough mangroves, the Caribbean bank of Colombia is a flat out knockout. A position of untouched magnificence with a cool Latino appeal and a growing “elegant packer” in culture, this piece of the world is a pleasure for meandering picture takers.




Here you’ll discover landscape to mix the spirit – and a lot of whiskey to warm the cockles. An asylum of lochs and glens, rich slopes and heather-strewn crests, Arran has a meandering, grungy excellence. Without a doubt, it’s not the roughest, nor the remotest place in the Western Isles, however, it offers an ideal cut of untainted Highland life.


Kyoto, Japan


Kyoto, Japan.jpg

A city opposing the tide of modernization that has cleared through a great part of the nation, Kyoto stays focused on keeping up old-world Japanese culture. Stroll through serene greenery enclosures with beautiful elaborate scaffolds shaded by cherry trees; hear stories of Samurai conflicts and find the scars of their swords or impression Geisha on their approach to arrangements at sunset. The lanes here are pervaded with history and appeal: a remedy to the neon city that is Tokyo.

The world is brimming with wonderful spots – both common and synthetic – and even the most eager Globetrotters can’t want to deplete them all. In any case, some essentially cherish the camera more than others. Here, our Senior Picture Editor, Phoebe Lowndes, picks a depiction of the most photogenic places on Earth. Prepare your camera at them…


Positano, Italy

Positano, Italy.jpg

In case you’re looking for la dolce vita, look no more distant than Positano. Roosted on the cusp of the Amalfi Coast, this interwoven of beautiful estates and colonnaded galleries have a chicness that calls for dusk tinted aperitive and a fabulous, Sophia Loren-enlivened, equip. The little rock shoreline is peppered with ocean glass and striped umbrellas, the ideal place to posture among bronzed local people and motion picture stars alike.







Cheapest traveler guide for Scotland

If you are planning to take a round of meadows in Scotland I will be going to have a quick review of my own experience in brief. No matter you are alone or a group of folks one always tends to save money instead of spending hugely on accommodation.  When I say saving money that does not primarily means sacrificing quality. Not at all. I used to think how can I get a round of Scotland in the minimum amount. I always wanted to cover maximum places without spending a night in 3,4 or 5 stars places. That literally saves huge I swear. If we talk about traveling we all have an idea hierarchy goes like by air, train and by road (either bus or car). There is no question about assuming of by air or by car as it does not make any sense if you are concerned about saving. So let’s talk about train and bus. If you want to save time then one can opt train by paying 20% to 40% more than a bus. But if you are good to go with the bus than its the best option to go for. To be honest you won’t get fully pack bus every time. Well, booking on Mega bus surprises you some time by offering you longest journey in £1 plus 50p booking fee that’s incredible but not happens much frequent. It did happen to me when I booked from Manchester to poly mouth I did buy the ticket but never went. That’s funny, though. Anyways besides mega bus, you can opt National express as well. conditions of both buses are almost same but yes mega buses have 2 stories but if you are not bothered about that it’s all right. I personally liked Mega bus because it has power socket lol. Well, let’s talk about living. If you want to save money then go for hostels. The offer starts from £15 to £40 per bed. So the cheapest of all. Hostel like the smart city has branches all over. Rooms quality is good, It offers 4 beds in 1 room attached washroom. Standard is adorable. It offers you sitting area and all necessary facilities which one usually require. So, in short, you 4 days and 3 nights journey which includes ( living + transport+ food) commenced in as low as £150 to £ 200 depending on your food. That’s how you can cover numerous places in low budget no matter you are alone or with folks its per person.

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