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Urban areas are not equipped to deal with this Scorching summer heat in EU: Record Temperature


PARIS- Northern Europe, this summer people are astonished with the signs and alerts they are getting, cows are dying of thirst in Switzerland which never had such a high temperature ever in years, glacier is melting in Austria and fires are gobbling up in Sweden. It feels like a advance version of biblical plagues.

Urban infrastructure is not equipped to deal with this Scorching summer in European Countries: Record High temperature in EU


Warning of Tsunami triggers, iceberg may break off a piece in Greenland. London is facing unicorn issue as fans and air conditioners are running out.

More over Southern Europe are expecting to face as high as 104-111 degrees Fahrenheit this week. Two people have been reported lost their lives amid high heat waves.


Reports from various stations in Northern Europe gathered resulted more closer to Arctic Circle more heat stood in the atmosphere. Different claims of record high temperatures have been received from Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Local people believes this kind of heat wave they used to observe once in 10 years which now been observed every second year. We really need to take counter measures in order to prevent this Global warning.

Temperatures that used to be seen as outliers will become “the norm for summer” after 2060, said Jean Jouzel, who was vice chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Although much primitive measures have been taken in last years and people use to enjoy this summer but this was the cruel scorching summer Europeans have ever faced.

Occasional heat waves could push temperatures in Europe toward 120 degrees unless there is a dramatic slowdown in global warming trends, he said.

“This really is to enter into another world,” Jouzel said.


Predictions of FIFA World Cup 2018: who are the finalist?

By Dai Yuliang [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons

World Cup begins today and soccer enthusiasts around the world are already making their FIFA World Cup 2018 predictions. Read on to learn about the top contenders and who is favored to win.


With five World Cup wins under their belts, Brazil is always a factor, but after a historic embarrassment in 2014 on home soil, insecurity plagues the team. However, with a squad absolutely loaded with world class talent, Brazil may be putting forward its best team since the 2002 World Cup champions. It should come as no surprise that Brazil is highly favored to win in most FIFA World Cup 2018 predictions.

The 2014 team faced a crushing defeat after losing key players Neymar and Thiago Silva to injury and suspension, respectively. However, this side has much more depth than the infamous 2014 team. Neymar is currently recovering from an injury, raising some fears and PTSD flashbacks for Brazilians, but has been playing well, scoring two beautiful goals in 120 minutes of pre-World Cup friendlies.

Under the direction of Tite’s intellectual coaching style, Brazil has turned around from their former humiliation; they have only lost one game since Tite took over in 2016. After giving up seven goals to Germany in the 2014 semis, Tite has reorganized Brazil’s defense, relying heavily on Destroyer Casemiro.

After Thiago Silva’s accumulated yellow cards led to his suspension in 2014, there may be some concerns that temperament could get in the way, especially considering the longing for revenge against Germany. However, Tite has the Samba Boys playing a clean and refined game. Poor coaching has also been a concern for Brazil in the past, but Tite’s pragmatic and patient coaching has put these fears to rest.

Brazil is a country that notoriously lives and dies by their soccer team. Even homeless men can be seen sporting Brazil soccer regalia on game days. Brazil views itself as the mavens of soccer and their dedication to the game is an important part of national identity. The 2014 loss on home soil was a crushing blow to the entire nation. Although the national team won 2016 Olympic Gold in men’s soccer, they need a World Cup victory this year to leave the scars of 2014 behind. And with economic and political turmoil spiraling out of control in Brazil, they badly need the win.


Defending champions Germany are the second favorite, but after losing key players to retirement they may be between golden generations. Nonetheless, their team is still loaded with talent. Unlike more erratic Brazil, Germany is always well coached, organized, and disciplined, true to their Teutonic roots. Unsurprisingly, Germany has reached the semis every time in the past four World Cups.

However, after losing Philipp Lahm and other more experienced players to retirement, they’re going to need younger players to step up in leadership positions. But many consider Lahm and Bastian Schweinsteiger irreplaceable players and team leaders.

Coach Jogi Low is a World Cup veteran, having led the 2014 team to victory. As such, no one expects the German team to be rattled or unprepared for victory. Under Low, this team will be disciplined, well prepared, and calculating.

While Brazil is the leading champion for most World Cup victories, Germany is catching up with four wins under their belt. A German win would mean a tie with Brazil, a further blow to Brazilian identity.

Although the German national team is not as stellar as they have been in the past, they are definitely going to be a factor. Most FIFA World Cup 2018 predictions have German sitting in the first or second position. Brazil is going to need to be prepared to combat Germany’s European playing style in order to cinch the much needed victory.

Image Source: FIFA.com (screenshot)


Spain who were considered by many to be perennial underachievers finally proved themselves, taking home the trophy in 2010. After coming up short again in 2014, Spain was looked to be one of the favorites in many FIFA World Cup 2018 Predictions. After firing their coach, Julen Lopetegui, on the eve of the World Cup, soccer experts are now questioning Spain’s chances. The firing of Coach Lopetegui has raised some questions. Spain claims they did so because he negotiated a new contract to coach Real Madrid without consulting the federation.


France probably has the most talented roster this side of Brazil. They’re loaded from front to back with stars such as Griezmann, Mbappe, and Pogba. Didier Deschamps’ side certainly has to be considered one of the favorites. However, the 1998 Cup winners, also have a reputation for underachievement. Coming into this World Cup, they look as well prepared and organized as ever.


Belgium hasn’t been getting a lot of hype, but like France, they present an extremely talented roster, suggesting there might be an upset in the making. Although talented, having never one the Cup, this European team is often overlooked. Stars Kevin De Bruyne, Eden Hazard, and Romelu Lukaku have led to this team being termed the “Golden Generation.” Led by Spanish coach Roberto Martinez, the Battleground of Europe has to be considered as a team that could eliminate one of the favorites.

Belgium faces England, Tunisia, and Panama in their group, so they should have no trouble advancing to the knockout round. However, they would need to get past Brazil and Germany to reach the finals.


Argentina hasn’t won the World Cup in decades and Brazilians will tell you they cheated in ‘78 and ‘86. Led by international superstar Lionel Messi, Brazil’s arch nemesis shouldn’t be completely forgotten. Argentina’s roster is definitely not as talented as Brazil, relying far to heavily on Messi and showing defensive weak spots.

Argentina was meant to play Israel last Saturday, when threats were lodged against Messi, forcing a cancellation of the friendly match and reminding Argentinians how much of their hopes are pegged on one player. The team was eventually flown out of Israel on the Rolling Stone’s private jet.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Predictions: Finals

Brazil will face Germany again in the semis, stirring up old resentments and insecurities. Brazil is easily the better team, assuming follow Tite’s exceptional leadership and maintain their composure, they should have no problem advancing to the finals and eventually taking home the Cup. Because of the chaos surrounding Spain, Spain shouldn’t be expected to advance to the finals. A dream final for South Americans would be to see Argentina and Brazil facing off in the championship game. As far as who would win, it’s a no brainer.

The Nations League draw is complete

England will face Spain and Croatia in the UEFA Nations League following Wednesday’s draw. The Three Lions are bidding to win the group and progress to the Final Four showpiece in the summer of 2019. Wales will play Denmark and the Republic of Ireland in League B while Northern Ireland takes on Bosnia and Herzegovina and Austria.

In League C, Scotland takes on Israel and Albania.

The tournament provides teams another route into Euro 2020 running alongside qualifying.

What’s the format and how will it work?

A total of 55 nations will be divided up into four mini-leagues (A, B, C, D). League allocation will be determined by each country’s UEFA ranking in November 2017. The leagues will be tiered with the highest ranking nations in League A, the next highest in League B and so on.

Each league will then be split into groups, made up of three or four teams. At the end of each round of fixtures, four teams will be relegated to the league below and four teams will be promoted to the league above. They will play at their new league level in the next version of the competition, which will start in 2020.

The winners from each of the four groups in League A will compete in the Final Four in the summer of 2019.

Separatist parties won a slim majority in the Catalan parliament: Barcelona

 The three pro-independence parties in Catalonia won the majority of seats in a parliamentary election in the region Thursday, setting the stage for another showdown with the central government in Madrid.

With a record-breaking turnout of more than 80 percent, Catalans dealt Spain’s prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, a major setback as the secessionist leaders stood poised to return to power in Barcelona, among them former regional president Carles Puigdemont, now in exile in Brussels. Washington Post

Ines Arrimadas of Citizens

What were the results?

With nearly all votes counted, the pro-independence parties Together for Catalonia (JxCat), Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) and Popular Unity (CUP) were on course to win a total of 70 seats in total, giving them a majority in the new parliament.

Citizens (Cs) had 25.3% of the vote, winning 37 seats in the 135-seat chamber.

Its leader Inés Arrimadas told the BBC her party had been “victorious”. She said forming a coalition would be “difficult – but we will try”.

The PP, meanwhile, won only three seats, down from 11 in the previous assembly.

Turnout was more than 80%, a record for a Catalan regional election

Why did the election take place?

Separatists who dominated the previous Catalan parliament declared independence on 27 October after a referendum that was declared illegal by Spain.

In an attempt to stop that referendum, Spanish police stormed some polling stations. However many voters defied the Spanish courts and riot police to cast their ballots.

The move led to violent clashes with hundreds of people reported injured.

According to referendum organizers, 90% of voters were in favor of independence, but fewer than half the region’s electorate took part.

However, Mr. Puigdemont decided it was enough to declare independence from Spain.

Mr. Rajoy then sacked the Catalan government, imposed direct rule and called the 21 December election.

Prosecutors accused 13 Catalan separatist politicians of rebellion and sedition, including Mr. Puigdemont and four others who fled to Belgium.

Among the accused, two pro-independence politicians are in Spanish prisons, and six are being monitored while on bail.

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Gareth Bale admits he should not have rushed Real Madrid return: Mistake accepted

Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale has revealed he had to take a ‘lot of painkillers’ to be able to play last season and admits he should not have been so hasty in trying to come back from injury.

Bale has been plagued by fitness problems during his four years in Spain and underwent an ankle operation last November which sidelined him for three months.

Then, 10 games into his return to action, he suffered a calf tear during a match against Barcelona in April that kept him out for another six weeks.

The Wales international declared himself fit in the week ahead of the Champions League final in his home town of Cardiff, where he appeared for the final 13 minutes of Real’s 4-1 win over Juventus.

That was a memorable end to what was otherwise a frustrating season for Bale, where the former Tottenham man concedes playing through the pain barrier was a mistake.

Asked why he did not rest more after his operation, Bale told Spanish newspaper El Pais: “On one hand it’s easy now to say that I should have rested more. But when you’ve been injured for three months and you see your team-mates playing, you really want to return and that’s what I did.

“I had to take a lot of painkillers to be able to play. And yes, now I think I should have taken more time to recover so I could have played much better when I returned and be able to do all those things with the ankle which I wasn’t able to.DHbKgzeWsAEz5NX.jpg



The latest rumors from Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal and all the top teams biggest transfer stories from ..

We takes a look at the biggest transfer stories from the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and beyond on the last day of the UK transfer window

Barca move for Ozil

Barcelona has turned their attention to Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil having been rebuffed in their bid to sign Philippe Coutinho, according to COPE.

Liverpool has maintained throughout the transfer window that the Brazilian is not for sale despite multiple offers from Camp Nou.

And now Barca, with an extra day in which to sign players due to the late deadline in Spain, reportedly plans to launch a late move for Ozil, who Arsenal value at €60 million (£55m).


Arsenal has failed to agree on a deal to sign Thomas Lemar from Monaco and will therefore not sell Alexis Sanchez to Manchester City, according to the BBC .

The Gunners are said to have submitted a £92 million bid for the Frenchman, while the proposed deal taking Alexis to City was worth £60m.

But Arsenal have been unable to secure a replacement for their star man and so will insist he sees out the final year of his contract before leaving for free next summer


Barcelona have made a last-ditch attempt to sign Philippe Coutinho from Liverpool, according to Sport .

The Reds have so far resisted the Catalans’ attempts to prise away their star man, continually insisting that he will not be sold at any price.

But the Blaugrana have made a new bid that falls just short of €150 million when bonuses are included in the hope they can get a deal done before the Spanish transfer deadline on Friday.


Tottenham’s move to sign Barcelona midfielder Andre Gomes has collapsed late on deadline day, according to football.london .

Spurs looked to have beaten West Ham to a loan deal for the midfielder, who has fallen out of favor after a difficult first season at Camp Nou.

But it is now being reported that Barca has pulled the plug on the transfer due to their failure to secure their own targets as the deadline approaches.


Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, and Barcelona remain contenders to sign Leicester City winger Riyad Mahrez, according to RMC Sport.

Reports had previously claimed that Barca is not interested in the Algerian and that no bids had been made for him late on deadline day.

But it has now been suggested that the Blaugrana could move for him should they admit defeat in their pursuit of Liverpool midfielder Philippe Coutinho and that the three Premier League clubs are still monitoring the situation.


Everton midfielder Ross Barkley has turned down the chance to join Chelsea, according to the BBC .

The England international is also said to have attracted the interest of Tottenham after being made available for transfer having turned down a new deal at Goodison Park.

But Barkley has dealt another blow to the Blues, who also appear to have missed out on Fernando Llorente, by rejecting a switch to west London.


Barcelona made a late attempt to hijack Paris Saint-Germain’s move to sign Monaco starlet Kylian Mbappe, according to Yahoo Sport.

PSG’s deal for the France prodigy was delayed by their attempts to structure it in such a way that ensures they do not break UEFA’s Financial Fair Play regulations.

Barca subsequently entered the race looking to deal a blow to the club that signed Neymar from them, but the Parisians formally concluded the signing on Thursday.


Eliaquim Mangala is refusing to sign for Crystal Palace and thwarting Manchester City’s desire to sign Jonny Evans from West Brom, according to the Daily Mirror.

Palace reportedly had a bid accepted for the Frenchman only for him to turn down the chance to move to Selhurst Park.

The Eagles have subsequently turned their attention back to Liverpool’s Mamadou Sakho and without offloading Mangala, City will not be able to bring in Evans.


Lucas Perez and Joel Campbell are set to leave Arsenal for clubs in La Liga, according to the daily Mirror.

Perez will return to Deportivo La Coruna while Campbell is in line to join Real Betis, it is claimed – and the closing of the window a day later in Spain gives the two clubs extra time to negotiate.


Manchester United are preparing another raid on Chelsea as they look to lure Willian to Old Trafford, according to the Sun.

The newspaper reports that Jose Mourinho is keen to bring the Brazil international to Man United, where he would follow in the footsteps of another former Blues star Nemanja Matic.

However, the Red Devils would be forced to spend in the region of £35 million for the 29-year-old’s services.


West Bromwich Albion is prepared to part with £23 million in order to bring Vincent Janssen to the club from Tottenham, according to the Sun.

The Netherlands international, who joined Spurs from AZ for £17m last summer, has been living in the considerable shadow of Harry Kane in north London and has struggled to score goals.

However, the report suggests that West Brom could face competition from Stoke City for his signature.


Chelsea have launched a €25 million bid for Torino defender Davide Zappacosta, according toLa Gazzetta dello Sport .

The Italy international is a full-back and has been on Antonio Conte’s radar for some time. Having missed out on Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, the Blues are determined to add reinforcements before the close of the summer window.


Arsenal has rejected not one, but two bids from Leicester City for Calum Chambers, according to a report by the BBC.

The report indicates that the Foxes made two bids in the region of £20 million for Chambers, but both were dismissed by the Gunners, who had previously set an asking price of £27m for the 22-year-old.


Chelsea has had an offer for Bayern Munich defender Rafinha rejected, according to Sky Sports.

The Blues lost out in the race for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who joined Liverpool, and Antonio Conte is desperate to add a right-sided player to provide competition for Victor Moses.

Rafinha, who turns 32 in September, is one of a number of targets being considered by Chelsea, with Bacary Sagna also said to be an option.


Arsenal is interested in signing Julian Draxler from Paris Saint-Germain before Thursday’s transfer deadline, according to Sports Bild.

The Gunners now look set to lose Alexis Sanchez to Manchester City and have eyed Germany international Draxler as his replacement.

PSG are open to selling Draxler, having spent €222 million to land Neymar from Barcelona earlier in the month.


Paris Saint-Germain has turned their attention towards Jean Seri, who could cost the Ligue 1 giants €40 million, according to L’Equipe.

The paper reports that Nice midfielder Seri, who had also been on the radar of Barcelona, is considered an alternative for PSG after the capital club were frustrated in their efforts to sign Monaco star Fabinho and Porto’s Danilo Pereira.


Juventus are ready to send highly rated Italy youth international Moise Kean on loan to Hellas Verona, according to Gianluca Di Marzio.

Kean, 17, has been on the radar of a number of Premier League clubs, including Chelsea and Arsenal, but looks set to remain in Serie A for the time being.


Crystal Palace has made a bid of over €20 million for Manchester City defender Eliaquim Mangala, according to a report in L’Equipe .

Mangala has not been a first-choice under Pep Guardiola and spent last season on loan at Valencia. Palace is keen to strengthen their backline, but they face competition from clubs in Italy for the France international.


Juventus have rejected a €160 million offer from Barcelona for Paulo Dybala, Corriere Dello Sport claims.

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The Catalan club has been rebuffed in their attempts to sign Philippe Coutinho from Liverpool and have turned to the Juve star in the wake of Neymar’s €222m move to Paris Saint-Germain. However, the Serie A side are unwilling to sell the Argentina international and knocked back Barca’s approach on Wednesday

Spain attacked: killed 13 and injured 100 in Barcelona and Cambrils

A second terror attack has taken place in Cambrils, a coastal town around 120km from Barcelona. Six bystanders and one police officer were injured – two seriously – when they were reportedly deliberately hit by a car. Alcanar is around 200km (124 miles) from Barcelona and 90km (56 miles) from Cambrils

  • Two suspects whom police believe to be linked to the Barcelona attack are in custody, although neither is the driver. One is Driss Oukabir, originally named as the suspect, although he is reported to have told police that his identity documents were stolen before they were used to rent the van.
  • A second van that was believed to have been used as a getaway vehicle for the Barcelona attacker was found abandoned in Vic, 80km away.
  • Although police have said they believe the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils to be linked, it is not clear if the man who drove the van that killed 13 people in Las Ramblas was among the suspects shot by police in the coastal town some hours later.
  • There was another terrorist attack in Cambrils before five suspects were shot dead, authorities have confirmed.

    A spokesman for the regional government of Catalonia said:

    The alleged terrorists were in an Audi A3 and apparently knocked down several people before coming across a police patrol and a shoot-out ensued.

    Seven people, including one police officer, were injured. The officer’s injuries are not life-threatening but one other person is critically injured and another seriously.

  • One of the eyewitnessed told the BBC:

    We were sitting at the bar and these girls ran in and some people started running past us. One of our friends looked down the street and he says: ‘Run.’

    The next thing is we see this guy coming running at us and someone shouted: ‘Call the police, call the police.’

    He was running away at first then he turned round and he came running back up the street and he stopped and that is when the police car came and then they were shouting at him.

    And then he was walking around in a circle and then they shot him.

    He fell to the ground and he came back up and he stepped over the fence and he was smiling at them. And he came walking to the police and he was taunting them sort of thing, and they shot him again.

    And that was it and then he went down.