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Practical Study Guide for Students


Trends in students for studying abroad have risen drastically in last few years. Students are interested to pursue their studies in countries like United Kingdom, Australia, Canada , USA & Germany. More over coming towards program and universities is another thoughtful process student has to go through. However these are not the only problems student incur during pursuit of study abroad. We are stepping ahead and educating students for the future so that they could get well prepared and take necessary and wise decisions on arrival. What mandatory steps they should take in order to encounter issues on day to day basis. For the sake of it we have formulated a section that is comprised of valuable information for students going abroad and we would like to make them feel better and distance them away from traditional challenges they usually face when they land at new place. We have list down few important points which will surely help them knowing these issues in a practical way and also enable them to respond apt.

So to make it simple and supportive for our prospect students, We have divided this brief in 3 stages and every stage has its own significance:

Stage 1    Its about (Information)

Stage 2    Its about (Documentation)

Stage 3    Its about (Post Arrival Action)

Stage 1    (INFORMATION)

Which country I should choose?

Which University will be most suitable?

Which Programme or course I should choose?

What are the fees per annum?

What are the future prospects?

What’s the during of the course?

Post study work permit?

Any scholarship I am eligible for?

Stage 2       (DOCUMENTATION)

What are the documents I need to arrange/submit?

How much IELTS I need?

How much financial statement I need?

What’s the Visa processing time for this case?

Stage 3        (POST ARRIVAL ACTION)

Get you University registration done

How much will be the monthly expense?

(Food + Living + Travelling + Phone + mise)

Which transport mode will be the apt for students?

How to open Bank account?

How to get job in first month?

How to roam around in the country?


We have divided our segments in 3 portions to make it crystal clear for the students to know about everything they feel like. All 3 segments comprised of eccentric and useful information for students. stage 1 and 3 are the most crucial and critical segments and they are emphasised accordingly.

Purpose of the Document:

The intention behind this document is to give student one step solution and provide advance knowledge to encounter their issues. We assure that all the solutions will be apt as per the best knowledge.


Comprehensive and authentic guide to study in Germany


Facebook is trying this feature in the following countries now

Facebook is moving few steps out of its domain to see customers reviews on its new feature which gives an option to viewers to show there despise on post or status. The social network in February first started testing a downvote option with a small number of users. Now, Facebook is making that option more widely available.

Facebook is trying out a voting system for public posts which would allow users to “down vote” comments. After trialing the up vote/down vote buttons on a handful of users earlier this year, “the company has made the feature widely available in Australia and New Zealand for the time being, in what appears to be some sort of advanced-stage test”, BGR reports.

As part of a test in New Zealand and Australia, Facebook is testing using up votes and down votes as a signal when ranking Page post comments.


 In a statement to PCMag, the social network confirmed it’s currently “running a test that introduces an upvote and downvote action for comments on large public Page posts.” The company started testing this a few weeks ago with certain Pages in New Zealand and recently expanded it to a few more in Australia. Facebook acknowledged it’s using these votes as a signal when ranking comments.

“Public discussions are an important part of Facebook, and people have told us they want more ways to make sure those discussions are constructive – even when people might disagree with each other,” a Facebook spokesperson said in an email. “Facebook is a place for free expression, but we also recognize that there should be a way for people tell us and each other which comments are most thoughtful and useful.”

Resource guide of Dubai, all you need to know.

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Complete guide of Dubai

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UK govt has finally realized they are diverting students to other countries which is odd

Sooner or later they had to take this issue into consideration. Its never too late to re-consider work permit visa policy for students doing masters or graduation. However, for now, international students will have to make do with a slight relaxation in the rules.

They realized at the right time when most of the students are put their UK card off the move and moving on to Australia, Canada, and Germany. Jan onwards they will give students work permit visa of 12-24 months 

According to immigration experts, this change is the result of a prolonged dialogue between UK universities and the government. As student visas, known as Tier-4 visas, are granted for the duration of the course plus a few months, it hampered the ability of international students to look for jobs in the UK. For instance when student completes his Master coursework and after completion of thesis he was only be given 4 months and even those months students were sure they won’t get extension because of strict visa policy but now UK government has changed it to flexible 12-24 months work permit

International students in the UK will soon enjoy more flexibility in switching over to work visas, with new immigration rules set to be introduced from January 11.

London mayor Sadiq Khan has advocated a new category of post-study work visas. In his blueprint paper—’Immigration, a future approach’, Khan had pointed to dwindling international student numbers. His suggestion was that a post-study work visa should be distinct from the Tier-2 route and should enable students to work in the UK for 12-24 months after graduation.
As per the new rules, foreign students can switch over to Tier-2 visa (or skilled worker visa) as soon as they complete their course. According to current norms, they must wait until they obtain a degree to apply for the Tier-2 visa. This gave students only a small time frame to find a job while still in the UK.

For grade 10 students, what is Bitcoin?

Every one knows Bitcoin is a digital currency, is it enough to know? This blog will explain Bitcoin in such a way that grade 10 student can know what is actual Bitcoin. Money transfer has become easier than you can even imagine, all you have to believe in it.

First of all forget about merchants, agents. physical office, customer service number, calls, branches, complaint center or head office. It has simply NO EMPLOYEE.

How to use it?

You will have to log in to the website and make an account or install an app from play store and sign in. Let’s assume you have an account and one of your friend in states have an account of Bitcoin.

You owe him, for example, $200 Let’s assume 1 Bitcoin value= $100 so you owe him 2 Bitcoins. You have in total 10 Bitcoins in your account. Let’s assume he has 20 Bitcoins in his account. He will transfer 2 Bitcoins from his wallet to yours worth $200.



NO transaction fees — No identity disclosed — transaction within a fraction of second — No merchant involved – immense convenience you have never imagined 

The point here usually comes to mind who is monitoring? Yes, there are people around in the different parts of the world observing your transactions without knowing your identity and they get paid for that which is also known as ‘Mining’ as simple as it could be.

There are some financial heads who think Bitcoins is just a bubble which will burst at some time, You cant help them as they have their own thought but on ground, in current time the value of Bitcoin in the United Kingdom is £13000 and in the US $ 17950 and there are around worth of 139 billion of Bitcoin 

Current value 2017

1 Bitcoin = £13000 UK

1 Bitcoin = $17950 USA