Amazon Go making its way to.

Amazon Go technology, the cashier less customers experience is now hitting commercial areas, airports, shopping areas, cinemas and other parts. Amazon want to reduce its dependency fro online shopping and now spreading to other business verticals

Tech News, Amazon took Io T forward: Gadgets revealed

New technology amazon has just launched about ioT, launched new glasses and loop or ring, to make it more. Home users gadgets

Travel to the mountains

There is a cure for every disease I believe, is not it? From minor to a major breakdown in your body. Imagine working for 365 days, do you think you still be able to continue your work with the same efficiency as before? Well, humanly it’s not possible every one needs to break some prefer…

Facebook with in-laws goes down

DETAILS TO FOLLOW It’s not the first time happening with social media explicitly facebook. Instagram and WhatsApp as the service are down in major parts of Europe and Asia. Reports from customer feedback.  Service is down globally It appears that WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook have all crashed this afternoon. Social media users have been complaining of issues with the three…