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Race of making Space trips affordable

At the other end of the industry’s payload spectrum, companies are working to achieve economies of scale with heavier rockets. Among the 10 most-launched rockets, the most affordable on a per-kilogram basis are SpaceX


At the other end of the industry’s payload spectrum, companies are working to achieve economies of scale with heavier rockets. Among the 10 most-launched rockets, the most affordable on a per-kilogram basis are SpaceX

space X.jpg

Falcon 9 and Roscosmos’ Proton M, both able to lift 20,000 kilograms (44,092 pounds) or more, according to a recent Federal Aviation Administration report. The most cost-efficient overall is the 63,800-kilogram-capacity Falcon Heavy, which successfully test-launched earlier this year. (No cost estimates were provided for several other mega-rockets currently in development, such as NASA’s Space Launch System.)


Qatar in regards to ‘Travel plans’ during World Cup 2022 could be worst

Every four years, an episode of wilful wistfulness sweeps across England. The national football team’s last great moment was over half a century ago. And in the build-up to England’s first World Cup game (against Tunisia on Monday 18 June), there is plenty of careless talk about whether the side can emulate their success in the 1966 tournament, when England beat West Germany 4-2 in the final.

In that far-off festival of football, aviation did not figure in ferrying players or fans around England: the most distant stadium from Wembley was Roker Park in Sunderland, little more than 200 miles away, and trains and buses were quite sufficient.

Russia 2018 is partly run on rail, with fans heading for Yekaterinburg travelling on football specials the route of the Trans-Siberian. But many supporters, as well as the teams, the organisers and the media, are shuttling around the world’s biggest nation by air.

The 2026 tournament, held jointly by Canada, the US and Mexico, looks even more extreme, with likely venues strung out across North America from Mexico City via Miami to Montreal.

And in between: as you know, the 2022 World Cup was fairly and squarely awarded to Qatar. As this Gulf nation is smaller than Yorkshire, planes will not be necessary. Or will they?

No one knows which teams will qualify for the desert tournament, but however fast Qatar’s infrastructure expands, there is no prospect that all the fans and players could be accommodated in the host nation. So there has been plenty of talk about staying in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and flying across the 200-mile divide for games in Qatar.

That won’t be possible if the current geopolitical row in the Gulf continues. For almost a year, Qatar has been squaring up against the UAE, Saudi Arabia and some other Middle East countries. And from the traveller’s perspective, Qatar Airways is banned from a lot of useful airspace.

The diplomats have four years to try to solve the crisis, but meanwhile passengers on Qatar Airways are enduring some painfully extended flights. I have been keeping tabs on the flight path of QR773 from Doha to Sao Paulo. From Manchester there is a swift one-hour connection for the flight to South America – but you might not be tempted when you see how extended the journey is between the great footballing nations of Qatar and Brazil.

The most direct route between bisects Saudi Arabia. But the airspace ban extends the journey by almost 1,000 m

Robbie Williams performs

Robbie Williams performs

Robbie Williams performs

Fan zone in Yekaterinburg

Diego Maradona looks on

Colombia fans before the match

The first half-hour the plane aims east, getting further away from South America by the minute, before turning south over the Musandam Peninsula of Oman. It then typically flies out over the Indian Ocean and across Yemen, Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Congo. From the point when it leaves the African coast, there is still the equivalent of a London-New York trip ahead to Sao Paulo.

At around 16 hours, QR773 is close to being the longest flight on the planet – a record currently held by Qatar Airways with its Auckland-Doha flight, which also has to take a longer track to avoid the UAE.

As soon as Russia 2018 is over, fans and teams may be poring over maps of the Gulf to work out where they could possible base their headquarters. On the basis that England are almost certain to qualify (perhaps as a result of winning this summer), I speculate that Cyprus may be hosting the team in 2022.

That might sound absurd, but with just 1,250 miles from Larnaca to Doha, it is barely further than England’s journey on Monday from their St Petersburg HQ to that first match in Volgograd on Monday.

From best Passports in the World to Worst and Why it matters


jackmac34 / Pixabay

A strong passport means you can travel around the world without needing to apply for a visa ahead of time. Holding one of the best passports in the world isn’t just about hassle free travel, it can also open up an abundance of career, business, and educational opportunities. Governments are constantly renegotiating visa requirements to give their citizens an edge in global business, banking, and, of course, travel.

With a strong passport, when you land in a country, you’ll be able to enter completely visa free for a period of time, or will be granted a visa upon landing at the airport. A strong passport will allow you to enter more than 100 countries without a visa, based on agreements made between your country and foreign governments. Holding dual citizenship can also help you gain the most freedom while traveling.

In the past, European countries topped the list of the world’s best passports because of the free travel permitted within the Schengen area. But this year, visa free travel in Asia has grown, with Asian leaders negotiated 40 new visa waiver agreements thanks to strong trade and international diplomacy. Many people assume the US tops the list of best passports in the world, but that’s not really the case. The US barely breaks the list of top ten best passports.

Recently, Henley and Partners, an elite citizenship planning firm, released their definitive list of the best passports in the world for international travelers.

So which countries have the best passports in the world? The list is pretty much dominated by European and Asian countries. Read on to see how your passport ranks.

The Best Passports in the World, Ranked

• Japan, 189 Countries

In previous years, Singapore has tied with Japan at 180 countries. This year, the hub of global banking and capitalism has been supplanted from the number one spot by Japan. Japan added eight territories and microstates the list of areas where Japanese citizens can travel visa free: Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Monaco, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Palestine, Vatican City, and San Marino. This past March, the West African country of Benin also changed its policy to allow Japanese passport holders to travel there visa free, helping to make Japan the strongest passport to hold in the world. Japanese citizens can now travel to 189 out of 218 possible countries without a visa.

2) Singapore (tied) 188 Countries

2) Germany (tied) 188 Countries

3) Finland (tied) 187 Countries

3) France (tied) 187 Countries

3) Italy (tied) 187 Countries

3) South Korea (tied) 187 Countries

3) Spain (tied) 187 Countries

4) United Kingdom (tied) 186 Countries

4) United States of America (tied) 186 Countries

Why Do Passports Matter?

As the market becomes increasingly globalized, global mobility matters more and more. The ability to travel freely opens up new business opportunities and makes maintaining relationships with international clients much easier.

It’s often taken for granted that the US banking system is safe, but the 2008 financial crisis has shown that that assumption is definitely not correct. Global Finance Magazine releases the definitive list of the 50 safest banks in the world each year. In 2017, only one retail US bank made it on the list and then only barely. To keep their money safe while receiving the highest interest rates, plenty of people choose legal offshore banking. Although many swear by this option, it can require frequent travel to safe banking hubs like Singapore, Germany, and Switzerland. International banking just isn’t possible without a strong passport.

Not yet a business mogul? Holding one of the best passports not only makes your summer Eurotrip a breeze, it also grants you way more educational opportunities. Did you know you can get a US accredited graduate degree in Europe for a fraction of the cost and in half the time?

Because of the ease of travel granted in Schengen zone, EU students regularly study in different countries while in undergrad and pursue graduate degrees abroad. In the US, not enough students have considered this option. But with the ever more globalized market, foreign work and study experience becomes more and more valuable to employers. Not to mention the power of language skills when applying for jobs. Considering that Americans hold one of the best passports in the world, pursuing educational opportunities around the world is much easier than ever before and can seriously boost your resume.

Once you graduate, you might realize that there are dozens of exciting career options across the world. You might be a perfect fit for a position, but companies tend to resent having to sponsor candidates for visas. If you have a weak passport, companies may pass you up for a job knowing that the visa process will be time consuming and expensive. Holding one of the best passports can open up career opportunities you hadn’t considered and make obtaining a long term visa or permanent residency in a foreign country a much easier process.

The Weakest Passports

Holding a weak passport rating is generally seen as an indication of poor economic performance and global diplomacy. Governments are only going to open up their borders to visa free travel if it benefits their country financially.

The weakest passports in the world generally come out of the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa. Trying to obtain a visa for travel or work purposes with a passport from one of these countries is a nightmare. The weakest passports in the world include: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Somalia, Iran, and Sudan,

The Most Welcoming Countries

Just because a country offers the strongest passport, does not mean that it is the most welcoming to foreign visitors. How welcoming a country is is measured based on how many countries if offers visa free entry to.

Countries that rank as the most welcoming often do so because they badly need the infusion of foreign cash. Nations like the Maldives and the Seychelles that rely heavily on tourism also rank high on the welcoming scale. The most welcoming countries include: Cambodia, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Samoa, Haiti, and Macao.

Most Beautiful Islands in The World

On the off chance that paradise exists, it must be an island. It offers an ideal escape from the bustling life in the 21st century. An ideal fix of sand where you can rest and restore your body and a lovely encompassing to invigorate your brain is the thing that everybody needs on their optimal occasion.

A few islands are however a level or two most importantly and emerge for their captivating magnificence. Today we introduce our rundown of the loveliest places on the planet.


Palawan, Philippines   

                                                                                                                     Palawan-Philippines-Most-Beautiful-Islands-2016Palawan is an island region arranged in the Philippines encompassed by delightful ocean water as blue as some gem. Favored with a huge assortment of special natural life, both earthbound and sea-going this inadequately populated locale is a standout among the most wonderful places on Earth. Brilliant white shorelines, wonderful coral reefs and rich green wildernesses on the island will welcome you and influence you to wish your vacation never finished.Everybody likes occasions. In any case, an ideal get-away to a standout among the most wonderful islands on the planet can abandon you with recollections that will endure forever. These areas will drive you to remain back and take a gander at Mother Nature in all her radiance and understand that even reality can now and again be more delightful than your most out of this world fantasies.


Bora, French Polynesia                                                                                                              Bora-Bora-French-Polynesia-Most-Beautiful-Islands-2017 The little volcanic island of Bora is more excellent than what even popular specialists could have composed. Clear turquoise waters with remarkable marine life will abandon you asking for additional in this South Pacific dream. Visitor well-disposed local people who have a scrumptious food will revive your taste buds. Nod off to the sound of waves inside homes that remain over the water on this ecstatic area.


Santorini, Greece


Santorini in the southern Aegean Sea was made when a volcanic blast crushed a great deal of the settlements on what was previously a solitary island. The island has excellent white estates and blue domed places of worship that appear to hang off volcanic precipices that dive into the dark blue ocean. The shorelines in a few spots have dark and red sands and are areas of brilliant dusk. It is a standout among the most costly and beautiful areas on the planet.

Bali, Indonesia                                                                                                                            


Bali is an island territory in Indonesia that has hypnotizing society and a rich legacy of craftsmanship, music and move. The island has tall volcanoes shrouded in lavish green shelter and completely clear waters. This island draws in a wide range of guests – from normal individuals holidaying and sunbathing on the beeches to students of history investigating the rich conventions of local people to religious visitors investigating the exquisite incense filled Hindu sanctuaries.



Situated in the Indian Ocean, it is generally acknowledged that Maldives has a portion of the best islands on the planet. Beguiling white shorelines and sea green/blue waters gives this place an eminent nature. Amazing coral reefs and submerged animals will constrain you to go scuba plunging and surfers from around the globe come here to ride the blue waves.

Maui, Hawaii


Maui is a piece of the Hawaiian Islands and has everything – incredible natural life, a rich legacy of intriguing shocking and customs. You can invest your energy unwinding on the fine shorelines of Maui, appreciate a diversion with a companion on one of its fairways and remain at one of their reality class shoreline resorts. Maui has an intriguing geography that incorporates a 10, 000-foot spring of gushing lava, waterfalls and profound cavities and multi-hued shorelines. Maui draws in surfers and windsurfers from everywhere throughout the globe. It is likewise a mainstream scuba and snorkeling area.



A most loved for some Australian voyagers, Fiji is an archipelago of more than 300 islands in the South Pacific. Its tropical white sand shorelines with turquoise waters draw in many individuals everywhere throughout the world who can make the most of their ideal occasion at one of Fiji’s numerous extravagance resorts or lodgings. Regardless of whether you adore snorkeling, plunging or surfing local people will welcome you with glad grins and make your stay one to recollect. On the off chance that the worn out Caribbean getaway isn’t for you, make sure to investigate Fiji.

St. Lucia


St. Lucia is an island in the Caribbean that is well known for its brilliant shorelines as well as for its fascinating geology. It has two volcanic mountains that ascent 700m from the ocean and deliver a shocking landscape that leaves a blemish on the memory. It has characteristic hot springs where you can recuperate and little angling towns where you can investigate. The island that remained to a great extent untainted is getting to be plainly prevalent among all – from thrill seekers to honeymooners. St. Lucia is additionally not as costly as some of its neighboring islands.

Kauai, Hawaii


The most seasoned island in the Hawaiian chain is additionally viewed as the Garden Isle in light of its lavish green woodland cover. The island likewise has staggering waterfalls and a similarly amazing coastline specked with wonderful shorelines. The blue oceans around the island are populated by fascinating tropical fishes and in addition turtles and coral reefs. Kauai is more laid back than adjacent islands and has a more country look than brilliant – in actuality a few areas must be investigated by foot.




Vietnam is thickly populated. With a large portion of its 90 million individuals living along a tight beach front strip, it’s very simple to encounter the nation through an obscure of fumes vapor, battling along Highway 1 and ceasing off and no more prevalent towns and urban communities en route. As it’s a ton to take in, you would do well to factor in time far from the territory, on one of the nation’s delightful islands that are quick drawing in guests.

Most used travelling portals in Pakistan

Folds memories explore places to meet people experience cultures try food and living of people. How can you do that all? These days, everybody likes to book tickets online from their mobile phones computers Traditional traveling companies, i.e., Daewoo Express, Faisal Movers, and Pakistan Railways now enable you to save your seats on the web. In spite of the fact that there are a considerable measure of destinations that empower you to scan for the best prepares, buses, hotels, flights quickly, here are the main five traveling sites in Pakistan

These days, everybody likes to book tickets online from their mobile phones computers Traditional traveling companies, i.e., Daewoo Express, Faisal Movers, and Pakistan Railways now enable you to save your seats on the web. In spite of the fact that there are a considerable measure of destinations that empower you to scan for the best prepares, buses, hotels, flights quickly, here are the main five traveling sites in Pakistan

download (2).jpg

5) WeGo

Regardless of whether you might want to book a flight to your favorite destination or search for the hotels in any country, WeGo is an extreme hotspot for finding the best arrangements!

The interface of this site is extremely smooth. It includes a rundown of well-known inns and flights. In addition, you can look through any aircraft timing by utilizing the inquiry box, which is accessible on the principal page of this site.


 4) Check-In

You can book flights of your decision by effectively entering your flight and landing date alongside the destination. The site likewise looks at the passages of the carriers and gives you a chance to choose the best traveling arrangement.  It has the list of all the major international airlines and low-cost carriers.

In the wake of finding the best flight for yourself, you can without much of a stretch book your ticket on the web. The site acknowledges installment by means of all kind of charge cards. It is extraordinary compared to other traveling sites in Pakistan.


download (1).jpg

3) Chutti 

Chutti is a Pakistani traveling site, exceptionally committed to the general population who jump at the chance to go to better places for praising their occasions. The format of the site is very basic and perfect. There are nine tabs on it with different choices, i.e. a top destination, hotels, travel news, shopping, carriers, articles, and help area.

The site highlights intriguing travel articles for you to peruse and appreciate. You can likewise submit questions with respect to travel issues and get the remarks/answers from different guests.


2) Tour Planner

Launched in February 2013, Tour Planner is an online travel entry serving the requirements of Pakistani travelers. It gives data, evaluating, accessibility, and booking office for residential and global Hotel appointments, International flight seeks occasion bundles and auto rentals.

It additionally accompanies a scope of travel administrations made to make travel simpler. Visit Planner offers hotel reservation office in eight cities and four summer destination of Pakistan and more than 110,000 hotels all around the world.


1) Travel Start

Travel Start is a site that encourages you to achieve your fantasy goals. When you scan for flights, you’ll get results from all about airlines. You can without much of a stretch book your flight and pay online for your ticket. You can likewise save any hotel and rental car as well! The site asserts that it has a group of more than 200 staff who are constantly prepared to help the clients.



New Australian Citizenship policy. Applications are open NOW !

Nearly 38% people have been observed to choose Australia as their option to MIGRATE. Keeping that fact Australian government has erupted their enhanced policy for people intends to come in their country. People fall under this criteria would only be entertained.

Here are the 6 new requirements to acquire Australian citizenship:

  1. All applicants are required to pass a stand-alone English test, involving reading, writing, listening and speaking;
  2. Applicants are required to have lived in Australia as a permanent resident for at least four years (instead of one year at present);
  3. Citizenship test will be strengthened with new and more meaningful questions that assess an applicant’s understanding of – and commitment to – shared values and responsibilities;
  4. Applicants will be required to show the steps they have taken to integrate into and contribute to the Australian community. Examples would include evidence of employment, membership of community organizations and school enrollment for all eligible children.
  5. An applicant can fail the citizenship test only three (at present there is no limit to the number of times an applicant can fail the test);
  6. An automatic fail for applicants will be introduced who cheat during the citizenship test.

Applicants can submit applications now and wait for their turn.

String of records that dragged Pakistan team to no 1 ranking in Test : Misbah

He had remained under immense crictics which normally every emerging and successor encounters on his way to achieve an unachieved. He was and is known as Tuk Tuk’ for his batting style but most often that approach takes them towards leading side. Normally it is said ‘ one who has no critics is not progressing.

There have been three great captains of Pakistan. The first was A.H. Kardar, the country’s first Test captain. Born in Lahore, and talent-spotted by the senior Nawab of Pataudi, Kardar played for India before Partition. He led Pakistan to victory over India in its second-ever Test match in Lucknow in 1952, and even more famously over England at the Oval Test in August 1954. Uniquely, Kardar won at least one Test match in Pakistan’s inaugural series against each other country.

Pakistan’s next great captain was Imran Khan, the all-rounder who inspired his country to a famous World Cup victory in 1992 and later stepped in Pakistan most difficult profession known as Politics.

The third is Misbah-ul-Haq, and he has a claim to be the greatest. On statistics alone his claim is indisputable: 20 wins in 42 Tests as captain. Imran had 14 wins in 48 Tests, Kardar six in 23.

In the midst of sequence of unfortunate events, Misbah holds the veins of the cricket team. The first was the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan team bus in Lahore in 2009. This incident immediately took Pakistan to international isolation. Ever since no team was ready to play on our soil. Cricket is the only sport which brings the people on one note and if you take away that no one can imagine how the worst outcome could be. Pakistan’s international players have been condemned to a perpetual shuttle between foreign hotel rooms, cut off from extended family and community networks which count for so much in Pakistan. So-called ‘home’ matches are played in the UAE, in echoing deserted stadiums.

The second tragedy happened the following year when the Pakistan team went on England tour. Three of its players, including the captain, Salman Butt, and its brilliant young opening bowler, Mohammad Amir, were entrapped by the News of the World. The team was disgraced and the three players involved were later sent to jail. A real downcast.

At that dark hour, there was a reason to doubt the survival of Pakistan cricket. That was when Misbah took over. He was not an obvious choice as captain. He had a mixed Test record and was not even selected for the 2010 Tour, nor the one before in 2006. He was already 36 — ancient for a modern player.

Yet he proved an inspired choice. He had exactly the right qualities to lead his team at its moment of supreme crisis. He has not only anchored the batting time and time again but given his team a mental and moral example.

In both tasks he has been magnificently supported by his lieutenant Younus Khan, now Pakistan’s highest-scoring Test batsman, although the two men are very different on and off the pitch. Younus is voluble and extrovert and always seems on the move; Misbah is calm and cerebral, measured in speech and motion. They do share an intense patriotism and devotion to their families.

Misbah-ul-Haq was raised in Mianwali, in Punjab. He is related to Imran Khan’s father and a member of the same Niazi clan. Both his parents were educators and made him give academic work priority over cricket. He gained an MBA at the University of Management and Technology in Lahore, a qualification which makes him one of the best-educated cricketers in the modern era. His studies of leadership skills and human resource management delayed his entry to the first-class game until he was 24, but have been of lasting value to him as captain.

He is one of those rare cricketers whose Test performance has been massively enhanced by the duties of captaincy. Before 2010, Misbah had scored 1,008 runs in 33 Tests at an average of 33.60. Since becoming Captain, he has scored a further 3,344 runs in 42 Tests, at an average of 56.68.

‘Responsibility,’ Misbah told us, ‘has always given me a lot of confidence to face the music and perform.’

As a Test captain, Misbah has the priceless gift of looking as though he always has a plan on the field. In fact, he usually does. He has gained victories with an inexperienced attack since the loss of his former matchwinner, the spinner Saeed Ajmal, with a suspect action. When he led Pakistan to a 2 – 0 victory over England last winter in the UAE, none of his bowlers had taken 100 Test wickets.

Misbah is now 42. Assuming he captains in the fourth Test at the Oval he will be the oldest Test captain since the mighty Warwick Armstrong of Australia in 1921. He is barely half Armstrong’s 22 stone in weight: he and Younus (aged 38) are reputedly the fittest players in the Pakistan party.

Like his predecessors, Misbah has had clashes with selectors, administrators, media and fellow players. His undemonstrative style has sometimes made him undervalued in his own country. However, he commands a personal authority to match Khan, Steve Waugh for Australia or even Sir Frank Worrell in the West Indies.

Again with Younus’s help, he should get the best from an exciting Pakistan line-up. Misbah’s most difficult task is to guide Mohammad Amir, still only in his rehabilitation, back into Test cricket. If he succeeds, Amir and his partner, Wahab Riaz, could become one of the best left-arm opening attacks in cricket history.

The other bowling priority will be the legspinner, Yasir Shah, returning after a three-month drugs ban, who on his day is a magician to match his predecessors Abdul Qadir and Mushtaq Ahmed. Pakistan’s batting is sketchy. However, Misbah will hope that the stroke makers Mohammad Hafeez, Shan Masood, Azhar Ali, Asad Shafiq and the bouncy wicketkeeper Sarfraz Ahmed can take the strain from himself and Younus.

Misbah and his team will enjoy far more support from British Asian cricket lovers than in their ‘home’ Tests in the UAE. This great man is coming to the end of his career and deserves a farewell to match Don Bradman’s at the Oval 1948. His achievement has been epic. Like Bradman, he has been far more than a simple cricketer. For his six years at the helm of the national team, Misbah has helped to bind Pakistan together as a nation.