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Everything you need to know about tourist places in Asia

Lets have a brief look in construction of World’s tallest building in Dubai


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Practical Study Guide for Students


Trends in students for studying abroad have risen drastically in last few years. Students are interested to pursue their studies in countries like United Kingdom, Australia, Canada , USA & Germany. More over coming towards program and universities is another thoughtful process student has to go through. However these are not the only problems student incur during pursuit of study abroad. We are stepping ahead and educating students for the future so that they could get well prepared and take necessary and wise decisions on arrival. What mandatory steps they should take in order to encounter issues on day to day basis. For the sake of it we have formulated a section that is comprised of valuable information for students going abroad and we would like to make them feel better and distance them away from traditional challenges they usually face when they land at new place. We have list down few important points which will surely help them knowing these issues in a practical way and also enable them to respond apt.

So to make it simple and supportive for our prospect students, We have divided this brief in 3 stages and every stage has its own significance:

Stage 1    Its about (Information)

Stage 2    Its about (Documentation)

Stage 3    Its about (Post Arrival Action)

Stage 1    (INFORMATION)

Which country I should choose?

Which University will be most suitable?

Which Programme or course I should choose?

What are the fees per annum?

What are the future prospects?

What’s the during of the course?

Post study work permit?

Any scholarship I am eligible for?

Stage 2       (DOCUMENTATION)

What are the documents I need to arrange/submit?

How much IELTS I need?

How much financial statement I need?

What’s the Visa processing time for this case?

Stage 3        (POST ARRIVAL ACTION)

Get you University registration done

How much will be the monthly expense?

(Food + Living + Travelling + Phone + mise)

Which transport mode will be the apt for students?

How to open Bank account?

How to get job in first month?

How to roam around in the country?


We have divided our segments in 3 portions to make it crystal clear for the students to know about everything they feel like. All 3 segments comprised of eccentric and useful information for students. stage 1 and 3 are the most crucial and critical segments and they are emphasised accordingly.

Purpose of the Document:

The intention behind this document is to give student one step solution and provide advance knowledge to encounter their issues. We assure that all the solutions will be apt as per the best knowledge.


Comprehensive and authentic guide to study in Germany

Emirates A380 World’s Largest landed at this airport for the first time.

Its a moment of immense pleasure for us that Emirates have shared its confidence and trust in us and landing its fleet biggest airbus A380 here for the first time making history.

Emirates on Tuesday announced that it will deploy a one-off A380 service to Islamabad on July 8, 2018, with the airline’s iconic double-decker making its inaugural arrival in Islamabad on a special flight EK2524/EK2525.

The A380 flight will depart Dubai at 8am and arrive in Islamabad at 12.10pm. The flight will depart Islamabad at 3.40pm, arriving in Dubai at 5.45pm on the same day.

“We are proud to bring our flagship A380 aircraft to Islamabad and we look forward to showcasing our innovative products on board this iconic aircraft with the signature Emirates service. While this is a special flight, we are very keen to launch a scheduled A380 service to Pakistan and will continue to work with authorities to realise these plans,” said Sheikh Majid Al Mualla, divisional senior vice-president, commercial operations centre, Emirates.

The Emirates A380 aircraft on this special one-off service will be in a two-class configuration offering seats in economy class and seats in business class as well as Emirates’ onboard lounge. Passengers in all classes enjoy free Wi-Fi.

Emirates and Pakistan have a shared history tracing back over 30 years when the airline’s flight landed in Karachi on October 25, 1985. In the last three decades, Emirates has progressively expanded its operations and offering global connectivity to Pakistan’s major cities including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Sialkot, and Multan.

Qatar in regards to ‘Travel plans’ during World Cup 2022 could be worst

Every four years, an episode of wilful wistfulness sweeps across England. The national football team’s last great moment was over half a century ago. And in the build-up to England’s first World Cup game (against Tunisia on Monday 18 June), there is plenty of careless talk about whether the side can emulate their success in the 1966 tournament, when England beat West Germany 4-2 in the final.

In that far-off festival of football, aviation did not figure in ferrying players or fans around England: the most distant stadium from Wembley was Roker Park in Sunderland, little more than 200 miles away, and trains and buses were quite sufficient.

Russia 2018 is partly run on rail, with fans heading for Yekaterinburg travelling on football specials the route of the Trans-Siberian. But many supporters, as well as the teams, the organisers and the media, are shuttling around the world’s biggest nation by air.

The 2026 tournament, held jointly by Canada, the US and Mexico, looks even more extreme, with likely venues strung out across North America from Mexico City via Miami to Montreal.

And in between: as you know, the 2022 World Cup was fairly and squarely awarded to Qatar. As this Gulf nation is smaller than Yorkshire, planes will not be necessary. Or will they?

No one knows which teams will qualify for the desert tournament, but however fast Qatar’s infrastructure expands, there is no prospect that all the fans and players could be accommodated in the host nation. So there has been plenty of talk about staying in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and flying across the 200-mile divide for games in Qatar.

That won’t be possible if the current geopolitical row in the Gulf continues. For almost a year, Qatar has been squaring up against the UAE, Saudi Arabia and some other Middle East countries. And from the traveller’s perspective, Qatar Airways is banned from a lot of useful airspace.

The diplomats have four years to try to solve the crisis, but meanwhile passengers on Qatar Airways are enduring some painfully extended flights. I have been keeping tabs on the flight path of QR773 from Doha to Sao Paulo. From Manchester there is a swift one-hour connection for the flight to South America – but you might not be tempted when you see how extended the journey is between the great footballing nations of Qatar and Brazil.

The most direct route between bisects Saudi Arabia. But the airspace ban extends the journey by almost 1,000 m

Robbie Williams performs

Robbie Williams performs

Robbie Williams performs

Fan zone in Yekaterinburg

Diego Maradona looks on

Colombia fans before the match

The first half-hour the plane aims east, getting further away from South America by the minute, before turning south over the Musandam Peninsula of Oman. It then typically flies out over the Indian Ocean and across Yemen, Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Congo. From the point when it leaves the African coast, there is still the equivalent of a London-New York trip ahead to Sao Paulo.

At around 16 hours, QR773 is close to being the longest flight on the planet – a record currently held by Qatar Airways with its Auckland-Doha flight, which also has to take a longer track to avoid the UAE.

As soon as Russia 2018 is over, fans and teams may be poring over maps of the Gulf to work out where they could possible base their headquarters. On the basis that England are almost certain to qualify (perhaps as a result of winning this summer), I speculate that Cyprus may be hosting the team in 2022.

That might sound absurd, but with just 1,250 miles from Larnaca to Doha, it is barely further than England’s journey on Monday from their St Petersburg HQ to that first match in Volgograd on Monday.

Why Russia and Iran avoiding war with Israel?

Israel can do anything to Syria that it considers necessary to protect its own security and interests without fear of reactions beyond the predictable, or reactions that it can deal with and bear the consequences of. This is because Israel knows the ceiling for the responses of the active parties in Syria, both Russia and Iran. Moscow’s response to the Israeli air strike which killed some Iranians in Syria was simply to inform the Israeli ambassador of Russia’s alarm at the matter. Iran, meanwhile, did no more than fire a few missiles that can be described as more of a warning than a deterrent or revenge.

Israel has crossed every red line in Syria, while Russia and Iran have not set any red lines for confronting Israel since their involvement in Syria began. I am referring to hypothetical lines, such as Israeli planes flying in Syrian air space or hitting the regime and Iranian military bases. With the exception of the Khmeimim Air Base, there is nowhere off limits to Israeli strikes, including Damascus International Airport and all the military and security sites that Tel Aviv considers to be a source of danger.

It is easy to find a number of theoretical explanations for Russia’s behaviour towards Israel, which make its reaction appear to be so lenient. This includes the influence of the pro-Israel lobby in Moscow, the presence of one million Russian Jews in Israel, and the fact that Russia does not want to distract itself from its main goal in Syria, which is to impose itself as a partner with weight to confront America and control the course of events and their consequences. All of this is for the purpose of achieving a well-known goal for Moscow, which is to put Russia in an advanced international position, beyond a regional force and becoming a centre for international decisions.

READ: Russia slams US envoy’s statement on Gaza at UN

Despite this, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s keenness to achieve his goal of taking his country to the desired position has not been hindered by any considerations or calculations. Although he has economic relations and interests with Europe and Turkey, in many instances, since his involvement in the Syrian war, he has dealt with these parties based on a cliff-edge policy. He severed relations with Turkey and put it on the brink of war, while his relations with major European countries like France, Britain and Germany have also deteriorated.

The matter is not much different for Iran, although its considerations are of another type. Tehran is not interested in confronting Israel under any circumstances. If it wasn’t for the media pressure and the embarrassment it faced in front of its people and the supporters of the “resistance” alliance, it wouldn’t have had to fire a single bullet at Israel.

Iran is acting according to its assessment of being on the verge of real and complete control over the region, especially in light of its allies’ sweeping results in the parliamentary elections in Iraq and Lebanon. This puts Tehran in a politically dominant position, and so it is interested in preserving this situation and not risking it by engaging in a war with Israel that could change the balance of power in a manner that does not serve its interests.

What matters to Iran in Syria is stabilising the Assad regime and not exposing it to any danger that might risk that stability. A war with Israel would be considered one such threat, especially after more than one Israeli official has said that Assad’s head would be the price of Iran’s use of Syrian territory in any war against Israel.

Germany have also deteriorated.