Dear Overseas, we need you urgently

  Dear Overseas,

                         We are looking to Ramadan to start raising money to fund our development and youth programming. You can be a part of that effort! If you are planning on hosting an iftar this Ramadan for your friends and family, we ask you to consider collecting donations for Project. This can be in whatever format you'd like.

Donating money in sadka/Zakaat ultimately enhance your money for sure. Today if you feed someone low privileged or deserving children you will get its reward. So donate generously and have faith in Allah

For example, you can donate a meal of 2 person for 7 days just in 5 Pounds

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Here are the options given:

Food box for 2 persons : 5 Pounds

Food box for 3 persons : 10 Pounds

Food box for 4 persons : 15 Pounds

Food Box for 5 Persons : 20 Pounds

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